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Bible Burning Afghanis riot over Koran Burning

Koran Burning spurs more violence- source-

Iraq’s surging violence

Iraq returns to 2003 levels of violence after US troop pullout- source-

Honduras: Intentan sacar cuerpos de reos muertos en incendio

TEGUCIGALPA (AP) — La policía desalojó el lunes con gases lacrimógenos a centenares de personas que intentaron sacar de la morgue los cuerpos de los reos que murieron la semana pasada en…

Poisoned spring: revolution brings Tunisia more fear than freedom

Want to remember what Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was like? Just walk down the Avenue Habib-Bourguiba – until a few weeks ago still cordoned off by …

China paper says West stirs civil war in Syria

AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) – A leading Chinese newspaper accused Western countries on Monday of stirring civil war in Syria, where police and militia patrols clamped down on a district of the capital to prevent new demonstrations

China paper says West stirring civil war in Syria

BEIRUT (Reuters) – China’s main newspaper accused Western countries of stirring civil war in Syria and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis.

Afghanistan – A Hard Truth – By Melissa Garrison

This article was written by Melissa Garrison who at the time this was submitted to me a year ago a grade twelve student whos brother was serving with the …

Dirty Tricks By Israel, Washington, And NATO Are Bringing The World To The Edge of Nuclear War

Right now, it is one minute before midnight, and the world is on the brink of total war. There will be no end to the violence and anarchy without dialogue and diplomacy.

VIDEO: UN due to vote on Syria resolution

The UN General Assembly will vote later today on a resolution condemning the violence in Syria.

Patched up plans

One year on and the injured in the January Revolution are still hurting, Sarah Eissa listens to their woes

EU leader pushes China to open markets, calls for support on Iran and Syria

By Joe McDonald, The Associated Press BEIJING, China – The European Union urged China on Tuesday to open its markets, act more aggressively on forcing Iran to negotiate over its nuclear

Civilian Deaths In Afghanistan War Hit Record High

Last year was the deadliest in the Afghanistan war, with 3,021 killed as insurgents ratcheted-up violence with suicide attacks and roadside bombs, the United Nations said Saturday.

Escaped Nigeria sect member rearrested for bombing (AP)

AP – The alleged mastermind of a radical Islamist sect’s Christmas Day church bombing fled across Nigeria after escaping police custody and hid for about a month before finally being apprehended Friday, authorities said.

Egypt: Muslims attempt to purge village near Alexandria of its Christian population

On particularly prominent display here is the use of the Orwellian “reconciliation meetings,” where “reconciliation” depends in practice on Christians’ giving into whatever demands are imposed on them. “Alexandria: forced

PPM statement regarding the acts of arson, violence and assault led by ex-President

PPM statement regarding the acts of arson, violence and assault led by ex-President

The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) is shocked by yesterday’s acts of violence, arson and assault led by gangs on the payroll of Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s…

Report: Mexico cartel agree to ceasefire during pope visit

A Mexican drug cartel in the central mountainous state of Guanajuato has agreed to a ‘Papal ceasefire’ during an upcoming visit by Benedict XVI, a local

New Maldives leader stresses "no coup" in paradise isles

MALE (Reuters) – The new president of the Maldives stressed on Wednesday that he did not take power in the Indian Ocean resort islands in a coup and…

#antiwar #news Iraq: Autonomy-bid Governor Quits Over Tensions and Violence: An Iraqiya politician who led the w…

#antiwar # news Iraq : Autonomy-bid Governor Quits Over Tensions and Violence: An Iraqiya politician who led the w…

Signs of the Times (2/6/12)

Komen Reverses Decision on Funding for Planned Parenthood Facing intense pressure and widening furor from a growing swell of critics, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation on Friday

US plans to keep special forces in Afghanistan past 2014

Senior US officials have revealed a plan to shift military responsibility to Special Operations forces in Afghanistan once NATO’s mission has come to an end in the country in late 2014, according to the New York Times

Bangladesh-based author's book released with much fanfare in Delhi

New Delhi, Feb.5 (ANI): Bangladesh High Commissioner Tariq Ahmed Karim and the president of Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Dr. Karan Singh, released Dhaka-based author Anisul Hoque’s latest book here on Saturday evening.

EGYPT: Riots over football deaths rage outside Cairo ministry

Protesters clashed with police outside Egypt’s Interior Ministry for a third day on Saturday amid anger over the deaths of 74 people at a football match earlier this week. Officials say nine more people have died in the

Russia, China veto at UN despite outrage over Syrian assault on restive city

BEIRUT – Russia and China vetoed a U.N. Security Council resolution aimed at ending Syria’s bloodshed, despite international outrage Saturday over a devastating bombardment of the

Nigeria: ‘Sharia or nothing’

Jihadists blame country’s woes on secular state and say they have al-Qaeda’s support in their fight.

Fingers pointed at army and police over Egypt soccer riot

Scores of Egyptian soccer fans were crushed to death while others were fatally stabbed or suffocated after being trapped in a long narrow corridor trying to flee rival fans armed with knives, clubs and stones, in the country’s worst ever soccer violence that killed at least…

Tunisia’s Chaotic Transition

Revolution has proved more successful than in other countries, but it is far from over. A year on from the uprising in Tunisia which sparked a wave of unrest across the Arab …

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