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Bosnia’s "Others" Fight for Their Rights

Political institutions and employers favour “top three” ethnic groups, leaving minorities out in the cold. The peace agreement which ended the 1992-95 war left Bosnia and Herzegovina with a massively complicated, multi-tier political system

Video: Former Gadhafi compound gets new lease on life

Scores of poor Libyan families have moved into Bab-al-Aziziya, a once inpenetrable fortress that was home to former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

The Road to Rio+20. I: Plan for UN Dictatorial Global Warming One …

Even Rajendra Pachauri – the UN IPCC’s climate chief, openly declares “climate science” is just politically commisssioned work. The ongoing findings of independent climate scientists, that there is no global warming , …

Armenian Concern at Pressure on Tehran

Fears that trouble in Iran would hurt carefully-crafted economic and energy ties. The latest tensions between Tehran and the West have left many Armenians worrying about the future, given that Iran currently offers them a route out of regional isolation. Programme: 

New approach urged for late-talking bilingual babies

AFP – Babies who are raised in homes where two or more languages are spoken may appear to talk later than those learning just one language, leaving parents puzzled and concerned as to the reasons why. Conventional wisdom often suggests …

Gardening turns out to be very eco un-friendly

Gardening: surely few things could be more eco-friendly? Not so, it seems. Scientists have produced new research which suggests that, far from doing their bit to save

‘Linsanity’ sparks war of words between China, Taiwan

source: Agence France-Presse TAIPEI — New NBA sensation Jeremy Lin has sparked a war of words between Taiwan and China as the rivals seek to lay…

The Lede Blog: Online, an Outpouring of Respect for Shadid

As news spread of the death of Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists took to Twitter to express their admiration.

Construction accident at World Trade Center site

The New York Fire Department says a crane dropped metal beams at the World Trade Center site, damaging a construction vehicle.

Research claims less than a third of Libyans want democracy

Almost a year after the start of the uprising in Libya, which eventually led to the ouster and killing of Colonel Gaddafi, new research suggests that more than a third of Libyans would rather return to being ruled by a strongman, rather than embrace democracy

US man tries to evict 98-year-old mom on birthday

A woman whose son served her with eviction papers on her 98th birthday is fighting his efforts to remove her from her home.

Honduras under fire after huge prison blaze

COMAYAGUA, Honduras (Reuters) – Survivors of a Honduran jailhouse fire that killed more than 350 inmates accused prison guards of leaving prisoners to die trapped inside their

From Readers and Colleagues, an Outpouring of Respect for Anthony Shadid

As news spread of the death of the Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists, readers and admirers took to Twitter, other social networks and blogs to express their grief and admiration.

Underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab begins life term

A Nigerian who tried to blow up an international flight near Detroit on behalf of al-Qa’ida started a life sentence without parole today.

Germany’s "Al Gore" Defects And Becomes A Sceptic About Global Warming

The myth of man-caused global warming continues to unravel and be exposed as the fraud it has always been. That’s the good news. The bad news…

NCD Stakeholder Action Meeting

Denmark in the wake of the UN High Level Meeting of the General assembly on Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases: what can we do together? The Danish NCD Alliance and Copenhagen School of Global Health, University of Copenhagen are preparing a

Sempra Energy Buys 300 Megawatts of California Solar, Wind Power

Sempra Energy (SRE)’s San Diego Gas & Electric Co., California’s third biggest utility, agreed to buy 300 megawatts of wind and solar power from projects under development by Spain’s Iberdrola SA (IBE) and 8minutenergy Renewables LLC. SDG&E signed a…

FIA and Ecclestone keen for Bahrain GP to go ahead

LONDON (Reuters) – Formula One is showing no signs of slamming the brakes on plans to race in Bahrain in April despite continuing violence in the Gulf kingdom a year on from a forcibly-suppressed …

Piranha resistent fish could inspire body armour

Brazil’s massive Arapaima fish might be reproduced by engineers for applications such as body armor, thanks to its intricately designed scales, a study reveals.

Climate change speeds up microbial change

Climate change speeds up microbial change

Climate change could affect Antarctica’s Dry Valleys more rapidly than previously expected, particularly the microbial communities in the soil, a study reveals.

Outcry over Taiwan ex-general China comment

TAIPEI (AFP) – A retired Taiwanese general came under fire on Friday after he allegedly claimed that Taiwanese and Chinese armies are both “striving for unification” during a recent trip to China.

Billions of tons of water lost from world’s glaciers, satellite reveals

The total volume of water that has melted from all of the world’s polar ice sheets, ice caps and mountain glaciers over the past decade would repeatedly fill Britain’s largest

Japan grants Sri Lanka Rs. 12 million to promote baseball

Feb 09, Colombo: The Government of Japan has granted over Rs.12 million (US$111,607) of assistance to Sri Lanka to promote baseball in the country.

Jail for girl who killed child for fun

A teenager who confessed to strangling, cutting and stabbing a nine-year-old neighbour because she wanted to know how it felt to kill someone was sentenced to life in prison yesterday.

Bethany announces guest soloists for Messiah

Bethany College and local sponsors welcome new soloists to the 131st Messiah Festival of the Arts, the longest-running Messiah performance in North America.

China's hardline politics clash with soft power

China’s hardline political stance, as shown by its veto of a UN resolution on Syria at the weekend, is increasingly clashing with the Asian powerhouse’s efforts to improve its image abroad, analysts say.

Jerome Hudson: If Bush Hated Black People, What’s Obama’s Excuse?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, rapper Kanye West used the widely-broadcast “Concert for Hurricane Relief” to tell an international audience that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Might West have the same perception today, as black America crumbles under the leadership

Why Planners Need to Take Agenda 21 Criticism More Seriously …

Three ways to engage Tea Party critics of sustainable design.

Brown U. student uncovers lost Malcolm X speech

The recording was forgotten, and so, too, was the odd twist of history that brought together Malcolm X and a bespectacled Ivy Leaguer fated to become one of America’s top diplomats.

Ohio vies to land crackerjack of a plant

States bid big for Shell petrochemical facility Connect With Us Wallet Watch With the holiday season in full gear, consumer advocates advise consumers to plan and budget

SUU professor teaches in Africa

Jon M. Smith, communication professor at Southern Utah University, is working as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Swaziland in the Kingdom of Swaziland in southern Africa.

Drone Warfare: CIA Judge, Jury, Executioner In Violation Of International Law

Express Tribune February 1, 2012 Analysis: The US is acting over and above the law By Niaz A Shah While drone attacks might have some tactical advantage against al Qaeda and its

Syria: Changes on the draft resolution at the UNSC – Syria: Russia is said to sign this updated draft resolution…?

The Syrian population commemorated the massacre of Hama, Syria, in 1982 yesterday. Of course, some mass media and so-called “rebels” refer to the massacre of Hama, Syria, in 1982 for their current

Ten Years of the United Nations in Afghanistan: A closer look at …

Remarks: This article by Ambassador Zahir Tanin was published on Nação e Defesa n.º 130 edition . Abstract: Since the.

All the Business World's a Stage, Say Some M.B.A.'s

Business students say acting courses have taught them about teamwork, public speaking, and leadership.

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