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Russians Ignore Arctic Cold and Keep Protest Flame Burning

It appears Kremlin strategists had hoped Russia’s mid-winter holiday would break the momentum of the country’s political protest movement. But the coldest temperatures of the season did not deter thousands of protesters…

All Change at Libya’s London Embassy

New diplomatic staff tasked with rebuilding relations and recovering stolen state assets. Deputy mission chief Ahmed Gebreel talks about breaking with the Gaddafi regime. The Libyan embassy in London’s Knightsbridge

22 Children Killed by Afghan Winter's Cold

New York Times report says children froze to death in past month in 2 refugee camps in Kabul

Syria releases "mastermind" of 7/7 bombings

The message to the West is, “there’s more where this came from.” It could backfire to some extent, however, as al-Qaeda is certainly no friend of Assad’s Alawite establishment, and would like nothing better than to see it replaced by a Sunni-controlled Islamic regime. “Syria…

Patrick Cockburn: The death of the American dream in Afghanistan

The United States’ announcement that it plans to end the combat role of its troops in Afghanistan earlier than expected, and before the end of next year, is a crucial milestone…

Romney Wins Nevada Caucus

U.S. presidential contender Mitt Romney decisively won Republican Party caucuses in the western state of Nevada Saturday, confirming his lead in the race to choose his party’s nominee for the presidential election in November. Former Speaker of the House of …

Europe Continues to Suffer Severe Winter Weather

Severe winter weather continues to dominate in many European countries with air and road travel disrupted and gas supples running low. The hardest hit country is Ukraine, where temperatures as low as minus 32 degrees Celsius have left at least 122 people dead.  Oleksandr Heits, head of a rescue…

SC Syria resolution vetoed by Russia, China

Russia and China have vetoed the Moroccan draft of a Security Council resolution on Syria. They did so after criticizing the draft for ignoring the conclusion by Arab League observers that the only way out of the Syrian crisis is an unconditional dialogue between the government …

The Beginning of the End for the U.S. Dollar as the World Reserve Currency

Dark times lie ahead for the U.S. dollar as its future as the world’s reserve currency looks to be in great jeopardy. For more than 50 years the U.S. dollar has been the chief monetary instrument used by the nations…

UK & World News: Five held in Syria embassy protest

Five people have been arrested after gaining entry to the Syrian embassy in London as a protest erupted at the building, Scotland Yard said.

Zimbabwe president slams African leaders on Libya

Zimbabwe’s president has condemned the continentwide Africa Union for recognizing Libya’s National Transitional Council at a recent summit, state radio reported Wednesday.

Billionaire O’Brien Says He Would Invest in Bank of Ireland

Denis O’Brien, the Irish telecommunications and media billionaire, said he would invest in Bank of Ireland Plc as the lender has “cleaned up its balance sheet.”

European Stocks Post Biggest Weekly Rally of 2012; Xstrata, Glencore Gain

European stocks posted the biggest weekly gain this year, sending the Stoxx Europe 600 Index to its highest level in six months, as manufacturing increased globally and the U.S. jobless rate fell to the lowest in three years.

Iran launches newest satellite into space

Iran successfully launched a new domestically manufactured satellite into orbit on Friday morning. The research satellite, called Navid-e Elm and San’at (Promise of Science and Technology), has been manufactured by Iran University of Science and Technology. It was sent into space aboard the Safir

PM Gilani will travel to Qatar Monday for Afghan peace talk: FO

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani will travel to Qatar next week to talk with government leaders there about moves to broker a peace deal with the Afghan Taliban…

UFS Commemorates the 30th Anniversary of Syria’s 1982 Hama Massacre

Today, United for a Free Syria (UFS) commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Hama Massacre that resulted in the brutal annihilation of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians.Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 03, 2012 Today, United for a Free Syria (UFS) commemorates the 30…

NATO to transit equipment from Afghanistan via Russia

NATO in recent months has faced difficulties supplying its forces in Afghanistan via land routes because of Taliban attacks.

Drone Warfare: CIA Judge, Jury, Executioner In Violation Of International Law

Express Tribune February 1, 2012 Analysis: The US is acting over and above the law By Niaz A Shah While drone attacks might have some tactical advantage against al Qaeda and its

Now … or then …. or when … ?

Thanks to Land Destroyer Report Tuesday, January 31, 2012 US Intel Director Prepares Public for False Flag Event Desperate for war, US prepares to blame Iran for false flag attack. by Tony Cartalucci January 31, 2012 – “…it would be far more preferable

Stop NATO news: February 3, 20122

==== Putin Says NATO Missile System Pointed At Russia Russia Slams U.S. Missile Shield Ahead Of Munich Security Talks Pentagon Chief: Israel May Attack Iran This Spring

Ambassador Susan E. Rice addresses the … – HumanRights.Gov

We call again on the Syrian government to permit access to the Commission of Inquiry created by the UN Human Rights Council in August. The United States fully supports the

Syria U.N. Deliberations Haunted By Ghost Of Libya Mission

WASHINGTON — As diplomats at the United Nations pore over a draft resolution condemning the brutal Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, experts say that lingering discomfort over the execution of the Libya mission is playing …

Awkward silence on Libya

Libya has almost left the news…U.S. troops arrived in Brega, under the supposed pretext of creating “stability” and “security.” The agency Press TV reports that in reality, these U.S. troops are …

Russia says it will not stop arms sales to Syria

Russia will not stop selling arms to Syria, a top defense official said Thursday, as Moscow stands by its longtime ally despite mounting international condemnation over the Syrian regime’s bloody crackdown on a 10-month-old uprising.

UN vote on Syria resolution ‘possibly next week’: France: #irannews #iran

UN vote on Syria resolution ‘possibly next week’: France: #irannews #iran

NATO Chief: Afghan Timeline Unchanged

NATO Secretary General Anders-Fogh Rasmussen says the coalition’s timeline for the security transition in Afghanistan still stands, despite recent announcements from the United States and France. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta…

Some Arab League observers in Syria ‘for pleasure’

Some members of the Arab League Observer Mission sent to Syria in…

Chavez Hopes for Better Relationship With US

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says that he hopes for a better relationship with the United States if U.S. President Barack Obama is reelected. During …

Death Toll Rises to 17 in Brazil Buildings Collapse

The death toll from the collapse of three buildings in Brazil has risen to at least 17 people. Officials say rescue workers pulled more bodies from the rubble Saturday, three days…

We Intervene in Syria at Our Peril

Ed Husain argues that Western military involvement in Syria would worsen violence, not end it, and could spread the conflict beyond Syria’s borders.

Germany Seeks China’s Help on Iran

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is urging China to help the international community persuade Iran to abandon any ambitions it may have for nuclear weapons. Her comments came …

Tunisia’s Chaotic Transition

Revolution has proved more successful than in other countries, but it is far from over. A year on from the uprising in Tunisia which sparked a wave of unrest across the Arab …

Arab League Surrenders mission

Arab League ends intervention in Syria- from From World read more

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