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Research claims less than a third of Libyans want democracy

Almost a year after the start of the uprising in Libya, which eventually led to the ouster and killing of Colonel Gaddafi, new research suggests that more than a third of Libyans would rather return to being ruled by a strongman, rather than embrace democracy

Murdoch Comes Out Fighting for UK Newspapers

Rupert Murdoch reaffirmed his commitment to his embattled U.K. newspapers by announcing in London Friday that he will launch a new Sunday edition of The Sun “very soon.”

Caracas backs Russian oil work

CARACAS, Venezuela, Feb. 9 (UPI) — The Venezuelan government gave the go-ahead for the development of the Orinoco oil belt through a joint venture between Russia and a state

Jeremy Lin's Adorable Grandma Doesn't Like The Way Defenders Bully Her Grandson

Just when we thought the Jeremy Lin story had no new angles to it our nation’s newspaper of record sends a reporter to Taiwan to spend some time with an

Philippines protest to Argentina after boxer is attacked in ring

• Johnriel Casimero assaulted after defeating local boxer • Argentinian government asked to explain incident…

South Sudan oil shutdown pushes up prices

JUBA, South Sudan, Feb. 17 (UPI) — South Sudan’s shutdown of its oil industry in a dispute over oil revenues with Khartoum is likely to drag on and push up global oil prices.

Electronic newspaper services changing (updated)

Link to new e-paper Freedom New Mexico Starting Friday, users of Freedom New Mexico’s e-Paper online newspapers will see a change in providers. The Clovis News Journal,

Amanda Knox nets $4m book deal

Amanda Knox, who was acquitted last year of murdering her British roommate while studying in Italy, has sold the rights to her memoir for $4 million (NZ $4.8m), The New York Times reported on Thursday.The newspaper, citing people…

In Israel, a New Approach to Organ Donation

The country has decided to try a system for organ donation that would give transplant priority to patients who have agreed to donate their own organs.

Honduras under fire after huge prison blaze

COMAYAGUA, Honduras (Reuters) – Survivors of a Honduran jailhouse fire that killed more than 350 inmates accused prison guards of leaving prisoners to die trapped inside their

Stanford RHP Appel headlines players to watch

Some of the top college baseball players to watch this season: — Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford, junior. Despite so-so numbers last season (6-7, 3.02 ERA), ace of Cardinal’s staff is possible No. 1 overall draft pick in June because …

From Readers and Colleagues, an Outpouring of Respect for Anthony Shadid

As news spread of the death of the Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists, readers and admirers took to Twitter, other social networks and blogs to express their grief and admiration.

China paper praises no vote on UN Syria resolution

China’s opposition to a U.N. General Assembly resolution condemning human rights violations in Syria was a courageous act of defiance against the West, a newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party said Saturday.

Institute: Former heat champ Ghost Pepper drops to third

Researchers said the legendary Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper has been unseated as the hottest pepper in the world by a chile with an equally fearsome name: the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Named New Hottest Pepper

Researchers say the legendary Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper has been unseated as the hottest pepper in the world by a chile with an equally fearsome name: the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion.

RT @WonderfulwomanK: GOP WAR ON WOMEN UPDATE: Virginia Enacts State-Sponsored Rape Law Forcing Women To Be Vaginally Probed Before Abortions http://t.co/WF38TcLb

RT @ WonderfulwomanK : GOP WAR ON WOMEN UPDATE : Virginia Enacts State-Sponsored Rape Law Forcing Women To Be Vaginally Probed Before Abortions http://t.co/WF38TcLb

India Ink: Image of the Day: February 16

Indian fishermen released by Pakistan cross over from the India-Pakistan Wagah Border Post.

Iran-Iraq war remains exhumed

BAGHDAD, Feb. 16 (UPI) — More than 150 bodies of those killed the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s have been exhumed, the Red Cross said.

America again stabs Pakistan in the back

WASHINGTON  – Crossing the limits that apply to the international relations barring all states from interfering in the internal matters of other sovereign states, the US once again stabbed …

Indian president’s son faces probe: official

The politician son of the Indian president has been asked to explain the origins of 10 million rupees ($203,000) found in a party worker’s car in his constituency, an official said Friday. The money was discovered by police during patrols in Amravati…

China likely to overtake India as biggest market

China is set to overtake India as the world’s biggest gold market this year, as rising incomes in the country fuel demand for the precious

Gordon Ramsay is spat out by his Canadian restaurant

Gordon Ramsay’s first and only restaurant in Canada has severed its ties with the chef, ditching his name from its title and ripping up its contract after claiming he was not devoting enough time to the venture.

UK seeks backing for Somalia action

Britain is pushing for a United Nations resolution that would help pull Somalia back from the grip of pirates and terrorists.

Syrian Troops Shell Homs Following UN Condemnation

Activists say Syrian troops are shelling rebel-held areas in the central city of Homs, just one day after the U.N. General Assembly condemned the regime for violating human rights in its crackdown. The activists said tank fire and artillery shelling Friday hit four neighborhoods in the central …

British newspaper names Farmers Gastropub best U.K. restaurant in the world

For more than 30 years Bill Griffiths wanted to have a restaurant he could call his own. Turns out he has a bit of a knack for it.

Vietnam's press comes of age

For the past five weeks, the Vietnamese public has debated the implications of a shootout between a family of fish farmers and a police posse that was sent to dispossess them in the Haiphong city’s

Vietnam's High Court Sides With Hero Fish Farmer

Vietnam’s high court sides with hero fish farmer after armed standoff with police

Spain has a Doping Problem says Sports Minister

Spain’s sports minister acknowledged the country has a doping problem that needs fixing after its record in the fight against drugs came under scrutiny with Alberto Contador’s ban from cycling.

Manila gets second U.S. Coast Guard ship

MANILA, Philippines, Feb. 16 (UPI) — The Philippines navy soon will receive its second decommissioned U.S. Coast Guard ship amid concern that it sends the wrong signal to China.

Former FIFA VP in row over Haiti aid

Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner is under increasing pressure to explain what happened to earthquake aid donations that never arrived in Haiti.

New North Korea: Big Support for Kim Jong Un from Some Corners of Japan

When Kim Jong Un was declared heir apparent of North Korea in December, Choe Kwan Ik was probably one of the few people in Tokyo who knew who the kid was.

2 convicted in al-Qaida terror plot in Norway

Two men were found guilty Monday of involvement in an al-Qaida plot to attack a Danish newspaper that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad, the first convictions under

Panama grants asylum to Ecuador newspaper publisher

QUITO (AFP) – Panama on Thursday granted asylum to Ecuadoran newspaper publisher Carlos Eduardo Perez Barriga, one of three executives facing prison after losing a libel suit seen as a key test of press freedoms in Ecuador.

Delhi-Israel bomb Update: India hedges on Israel demand for UN resolution

In curious reversal of its past struggles with Pakistan, India demands more evidence before it will back censuring Iran Jason Overdorf India hedges as Israel demands UN resolution on Delhi bomb India appears to be hedging its bets as Israel demands its backing for a …

The Lede Blog: On Twitter, an Outpouring of Respect for Shadid

As news spread of the death of Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists took to Twitter to express their admiration.

The Lede Blog: Palestinian's Hunger Strike Challenges Detention by Israel

A lawyer for Khader Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner who has refused to eat since being detained two months ago by Israel, said he could die “at any

Syrian Government Blocks Bambuser’s Live Video Of Crisis

Bambuser , a live mobile video streaming startup along the lines of Qik , has become something of an underground hit in the last couple of years because of its ability to stream video over poor mobile connections. That’s made it …

Europe's crisis can hurt India

The Hindu Business Line Europe accounts for a fifth of India’s exports. A setback in demand can cause BoP problems.

EU trade chief pressures China over procurements

China is protecting a domestic market for public procurements worth $1.1 trillion, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said Thursday as he appealed to Beijing to open up further to global trade.

Mulder is insensitive: iLIVE

The redistribution of land in South Africa is a sensitive and emotional topic. The whole issue has been simmering below the surface and frustrations at the slow rate of transformation are starting to arise.

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