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Sudanese Students get slammed

Student protests meet with violent response in Sudan- source-

China stays hush on major riots

China Riots leave 12 dead -source-

Danes lose two in Pirate Raid

Two Hostages dead in Danish Piracy Raid -source-

Pakistan Floods strand millions

5 million still suffer in aftermath of Pakistan Floods- source-

Apple sues China?

China battles Apple over trademark- source-

Twin Bombings kill 14

Latest Bombing kills 14 in Afghanistan- source- Two terrorist read more

Freedom of Press taken literally by Syrian rebels

British Journalist rescued by Syrian rebels- source- A wounded read more

Assad’s Killings Continue

Death toll rises in Syrian massacres- source-

Iran Fallout in Armenia

Armenians Fear Repercussions Over Western Pressure On Iran- Source-

Belarus under EU gun

Belarus Faces EU Sanctions- source-

Syria’s Central Bank to be Sanctioned

EU targets Syrian Banks- source-

Russian PM ducks death

Putin spared in assassination attempt- source- Vladimir Putin faced read more

Afghani Suicide Bomber strikes NATO

Bomb kills 9 outside Afghan NATO base- source- A read more

China’s lead poisoning gambit

Is China targeting US Battery maker for trade advantage? source-

Bible Burning Afghanis riot over Koran Burning

Koran Burning spurs more violence- source-

Iraq’s surging violence

Iraq returns to 2003 levels of violence after US troop pullout- source-

Greek Bailout deal in danger

Greek PM in mad dash to save crumbling Bailout deal- read more

Will Armenia pay the price for Iran Pressures?

Armenians Fear Repercussions Over Western Pressure On Iran- Source- read more

Crackdown builds in Syria

Syrian regime escalates assault on its citizens- source- From read more

Tibetans rounded up by China

China sends hundreds of Tibetans to re-education centers- source- pakistandaily read more

Gas Prices put pressure on economy

As gas prices rise- consumer prices set to follow- source- read more

EU docs not keen on Ipads

iPad hype doesn’t stick with European doctors- source- From read more

Pakistan extends hand to NATO

Islamabad in talks with NATO to mend relations- source- read more

Iraq executes All Qaeda operatives

Al-Qaeda members death penalty carried out by Iraq- source- read more

Drone power of Pakistan kills 10

U.S. drone targets rebel fighters, kills 10- source- From read more

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