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Mali bombs rebels, France wants ceasefire, talks

BAMAKO (Reuters) – Malian helicopter gunships bombed rebel positions near the key northern town of Kidal on Friday, a military official said, hours after former colonial power France called for a ceasefire and immediate talks to end a three-week rebel offensive. France, which remains an ally of…

Female presidential candidate encounters Mexico’s machismo on campaign trail

Josefina Vazquez Mota also must overcome voter dissatisfaction with National Action Party’s handling of drug war

It's Not a Good Idea to Call Argentina's President 'Perra'

Penguin News, a Falkland Island newspaper, slyly called Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner a “bitch” and yes people noticed. In a story about Fernández’s accusations that Britain was militarizing the islands and the raising tensions between Britain and Argentina, Penguin News posted …

China: South Africa's latest role model?

JOHANNESBURG — South African politicians push to model its economic plan after that of its biggest trading partner in 2011, China. read more

President holds first meeting with New Central Committee

President holds first meeting with New Central Committee

Appoints New Disciplinary Committee Party President James Michel yesterday met with members of the new Central Committee (CC) at Maison du Peuple. On the agenda of the first CC meeting since its election two weeks ago, the members were allocated …

Liquor and hash oil found in Former President Nasheed’s residence

Liquor and hash oil found in Former President Nasheed’s residence

The Police have said that the belongings of former President Nasheed who resigned yesterday include, large amounts liquor bottles and evidence of the use of hash oil (a product of cannabis or ganja). The Police did not …

Ex-President leads riots, arson and vandalism in a bid to regain the presidency

Ex-President leads riots, arson and vandalism in a bid to regain the presidency

Dhiislam (Raajjenews): ex-President Mohamed Nasheed yesterday took to Male’ streets, demanding his job back. Nasheed and his ex-Ministers led street riots in Male’ which vandalized private and public property. These were supported by arson, vandalism and attacks on police stations in island strongholds…

President calls for expanding Pak-Sri Lanka bilateral trade

President calls for expanding Pak-Sri Lanka bilateral trade

President Asif Ali Zardari Friday called for stepping up efforts to fully realize the potential of Free Trade Agreement with Sri Lanka and building a mutually beneficial economic and trade partnership to jack up the bilateral trade from current …

Mixed Progress on Egyptian Civil Rights

Mixed Progress on Egyptian Civil Rights

Activist welcomes steps towards free expression and political engagement, but notes little real change on women’s rights. Programme:  The Arab Spring read more

Global Warming: A Massive Rip-Off Of American Taxpayers

The waste of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on the global warming scam is an atrocity. Consider this in light of the current economic recession we are enduring. Consider jobs lost, massive and increasing government debt, and a loss of trust in science and the integrity of “scientists”. We don’t

UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People in Cairo …

UN Seminar on Assistance to the Palestinian People in Cairo.

China And Russia Veto UN Resolution Condemning Syrian – Mediaite

The United Nations Security Council held a vote on a resolution to formally condemn Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad for his crackdowns against the protests being organized by opposition groups. 13 of

The World Next Week: February 9, 2012

A preview of world events in the coming week from President Obama presents the 2013 budget to Congress; the Senate Armed Services Committee debates worldwide threats; Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visits Washington; and the

Tajikistan’s Limited Options

At home, the government confines appointments to circle of insiders, while abroad the country has few real friends. Programme:  Central Asia read more

I was forced out at gunpoint, claims Maldives ex-leader

The ousted president of the Maldives claimed yesterday he had been forced out at gun-point and said he would fight to regain his position. He accused the vice president – the man who sworn in to replace him – of helping plot the coup that overthrew

Rick Santorum wins key Republican primaries

US presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (pictured) reignited his campaign with surprise wins in the key primaries of Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota Tuesday. The wins are a blow to previous front runner Mitt Romney.

Mexican army finds 15 tons of pure methamphetamine

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico’s army says its troops seized 15 tons of pure methamphetamine in the western state of Jalisco. It says soldiers discovered the huge cache in the town of Tlajomulco …

SENEGAL: Thousands rally in Dakar for new anti-Wade protests

Thousands of opposition supporters marched in the Senegalese capital Dakar on Tuesday to protest against President Abdoulaye Wade’s controversial plans to seek a third term in a February 26 presidential election.

Lessons Learned: Nelson Mandela’s Release from Prison

CFR’s James M. Lindsay discusses Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in February 1990 and his subsequent rise to the presidency to show how individuals shape history.

New Maldives leader stresses "no coup" in paradise

MALE (Reuters) – The new president of the Maldives stressed on Wednesday that he did not take power in the Indian Ocean resort islands in a coup and said that his succession was in line with the constitution.

Maldives installs new president amid coup allegations

MALE (Reuters) – The Maldives, one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations, installed a new president after the man credited with bringing democracy to the Indian Ocean islands resigned, apparently under military pressure following a police mutiny.

2 dangerous inmates try to escape in Serbia

Police have detained five prison guards who were on duty when two convicted murderers escaped from their cells at a high-security lockup in Belgrade, including one who had taken

Peru May Not Back Argentina In Falklands Conflict Says Ex FM

LIMA, Feb 8 (BERNAMA-NNN- MERCOPRESS) – Peru’s former Foreign Affairs minister Jose Antonio Garcia-Belaunde says it is unlikely that Peru would back Argentina if there were a new conflict with Britain over the Falkland Islands, newspaper El Comercio reported.

Argentina to complain to UN over Falklands

Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner on Tuesday slammed Britain for its “militarization” of their conflict over the Falklands, saying she would lodge a formal complaint with the United Nations.

SC forms 8-member bench to hear PM’s intra-court appeal

The Supreme Court on Wednesday constituted an eight-member larger bench to hear the intra-court appeal requesting it to suspend its decision of framing contempt charges against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on …

Local government elections in Sri Lanka’s Mullativu district on March 24

Feb 08, Colombo: Elections Commissioner of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Deshapriya has decided to hold the elections for the two local government bodies in war-ravaged Mullativu District on March 24.

Sri Lanka opposition parties stage protest demanding release of former Army Commander

Feb 08, Colombo: Hundreds of activists of Sri Lanka’s main opposition political parties joined together in capital Colombo to stage a protest today, to demand the government to release the imprisoned former Army Commander

Iran's parliament summons Ahmadinejad on economic policy

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will appear in parliament next month to be grilled on his handling of the economy, state radio reported on Tuesday, after lawmakers took the …

Iran's parliament summons Ahmadinejad

Iran’s parliament on Tuesday decided to summon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for questioning over a long list of accusations, including that he mismanaged the nation’s economy.

Graft, politics, militant Islam shake Indian Ocean island

MALE, Maldives (Reuters) – Few of the million or so tourists who visit the Maldives each year would catch even a whiff of the troubled politics or growing militant threat roiling the islands of one of the world’s most renowned get-away-from-…

British greenhouse gases rise for first time since 2003

There was a significant increase in UK greenhouse gases in 2010 for the first time in several years, Government figures confirmed yesterday.

Jews With Ties To Iran And Israel Feel Conflicted

Iranian Synagogue NPR Reports: As tensions between Israel and Iran ratchet up, one community is caught in the middle: Iranian Jews living in Israel. Many of them maintain strong ties with their

Rebuttal to Homi Dhalla’s letter

From: Pervin Mistry Cc: Bombay Samachar ; Homi Dhalla Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 10:25 AM Dear Kaizad, Thank you for sending Mr. Adi Doctor’s excellent reply. I am posting the entire article of Dr. Homi Dhalla written in favour of matrilineality.

#AssadBashar #GENOCIDE & The International #Responsibility2Protect : Cry for Syria

Newsvine – #AssadBashar #GENOCIDE & The International #Responsibility2Protect : Cry for Syria With No Legitimacy Bashar’s Genocide will Force International Responsibility to Protect Civilians from Atrocities ..emergency response is required. Humanitarian aid desperately needed. Hundreds of

Jerome Hudson: If Bush Hated Black People, What’s Obama’s Excuse?

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, rapper Kanye West used the widely-broadcast “Concert for Hurricane Relief” to tell an international audience that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Might West have the same perception today, as black America crumbles under the leadership

VIDEO: Occupy the United Nations 2012

Part 1 – Occupy the United Nations INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE January 27, 2012 San Francisco – The Native American Community, with support from the Occupy Movement is taking action to demand President Obama to make law the United Nations

The Yeshiva World Israel Files a Complaint With UN Regarding …

The following is the letter filed with United Nations Secretary-General Bank ki-Moon regarding continued rocket fire into southern Israeli civilian population centers by terrorists in Hamas-controlled Gaza. H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon …

Corruption in America is Killing Her…and Us| The Post & Email …

Agenda 21, the UN Small Arms Treaty , the appointment of Muslim judges to major courts by the likes of would-be “conservative” heroes like Chris Christie. Oh, sure, there are still gems to be added to their crowning glory, but …

Obama Rewards Big Labor By Appointing Another Un-Vetted Union …

Obama Rewards Big Labor By Appointing Another Un -Vetted Union Goon to National Labor Relations Board. February 7, 2012 by Scotty Starnes. Obama’s pattern of rewarding big campaign donors continue. Richard Griffin is the latest union …

Veto Of Syria UN Resolution Sparks Outrage – YouTube

“Western and Arab states voiced outrage on Sunday after Russia and China vetoed a U.N. resolution that would have backed an Arab plan urging Syrian President…

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