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Darfur Genocide Accountability Act of 2005

The Darfur Genocide Accountability Act of 2005 (H.R. 1424) was a proposed bill to “impose sanctions against perpetrators of crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and for other…

Russia Calls for Suspension of Adoptions to US Parents

FM statement cited what it described as unending series of crimes committed against adoptive children from Russia by US parents Americans who want to adopt Russian …

Five arrested at Murdoch's Sun newspaper

British police have arrested five senior staffers at News Corp’s The Sun.

U.S.-Traded ETF in First 2012 Drop as Greece Slams Oil: Russia Overnight

The Market Vectors Russia ETF, a U.S.-traded fund that holds Russian shares, declined for the first week this year as concern Greece will derail Europe’s debt-crisis recovery cut prices for oil and other commodities.

Japan Earnings Gloom Fades as Panasonic Paces Tokyo Rally in Share Prices

Panasonic Corp. (6752) had its best week in more than two years of Tokyo trading, following its forecast for a record $10 billion loss, showing some investors are betting

U.S.-Egypt Ties on Shifting Sands

A year after President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster from power, U.S.-Egypt relations are under threat as Cairo presses charges against U.S. nongovernmental pro-democracy workers. CFR’s Steven A. Cook discusses the implications this has for U.S. aid to Egypt.

Niger Refuses to Extradite Gadhafi Son to Libya

Niger has refused to extradite to Libya the son of slain dictator Moammar Gadhafi, saying Saadi Gadhafi risks death in the country his father ruled for four decades. Niger government spokesman Marou Amadou…

Japan’s Economy Minister Urges Greater Clarity on BOJ’s Inflation Policy

The Bank of Japan should communicate its inflation goal more clearly, Japanese Economy Minister Motohisa Furukawa said.

On first anniversary of Mubarak's ouster, unease reigns in Egypt

Hosni Mubarak’s fall from power a year ago stunned the world — three decades of iron-clad rule ended in 17 days by an unexpected groundswell of popular protests.

Sun newspaper staff among eight arrested in police probe

Authorities arrested eight people Saturday — including five journalists of Britain’s bestselling Sun newspaper — as part of an inquiry into alleged illegal payments to police and officials.

Mixing porn and politics in India?

It isn’t everyday that video from inside a routine legislative session causes an uproar big enough to force three politicians to resign all at once but that is just what happened in South India after video surfaced of Indian ministers watching what appeared to…

Government Goes Mobile – Mobile and Wireless – News & Reviews – Baseline.com

The BYOD movement is reaching the halls of government.

The politics behind the world’s hard rock mining industry

With “fracking” and coal mining disasters dominating the news cycles, it seems hard rock mining gets less attention from the media. For communities across the globe, however, hard rock mining is a loaded issue. From Northern Michigan to Mongolia, mining the earth for scarce minerals …

Old World sells chemical business

Old World Industries, LLC announced an agreement to sell its Chemical Business, including the Ethylene Oxide/Ethylene Glycol manufacturing facility in Clear Lake, Texas, to Indorama Ventures PCL

EU Sanctions on Iran’s Largest Ports Will Slash Legal Trade If Enforced

New European Union sanctions on Iran’s largest ports operator will curb billions of euros in otherwise legal trade, if EU authorities police those seeking ways around the rules, according to trade lawyers, shipping and insurance executives and EU officials.

EU Reached Accord on Clearing Law for Over-the-Counter Derivatives

European Union officials and lawmakers brokered a deal on rules to force trading of some over-the-counter derivatives through clearinghouses to safeguard financial markets.

Spain's fury at French sporting drug slurs

Is it just harmless fun, or is something seriously wrong developing in sporting relations between Spain and France?

S. African comics stir stereotypes

Armed with big grins and risque humor, South African standup comedians Nik Rabinowitz and Tats Nkonzo take to the stage at Cape Town’s Baxter Theater.

Egypt coach: Players must heal

Bob Bradley, an American who coaches Egypt’s national soccer team, says Egypt’s love for soccer is intertwined with its political revolution.

Arab World Faces Serious Poverty, Food Security Challenges

Arab World Faces Serious Poverty, Food Security Challenges

A new report says Arab countries face a serious food security challenge and that poverty rates are much higher than official numbers suggest. It blames the situation on vulnerability to …

Explosions Rock Northern Syrian City, 28 Dead, 235 Wounded

Explosions Rock Northern Syrian City, 28 Dead, 235 Wounded

Syrian state television says twin explosions at security compounds in northern Syria Friday killed at least 28 people and wounded 235 others as a government crackdown on opposition protests spiked nationwide. The blasts targeted a military intelligence building and …

An Average American Patriot: UN's new Afghan envoy heartened by …

UN’s new Afghan envoy heartened by talk of peace: The U.N. ‘s new representative to war-torn Afghanistan said Wednesday that he was encouraged by widespread discussion about prospects for making peace with the …

The World Next Week: February 9, 2012

A preview of world events in the coming week from CFR.org: President Obama presents the 2013 budget to Congress; the Senate Armed Services Committee debates worldwide threats; Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visits Washington; and the

Nord Pool, Epex Raided as Part of EU Power-Exchanges Probe

Nord Pool Spot AS and Epex Spot SE, Europe’s two biggest electricity exchanges for near-term delivery, said they were raided by European antitrust regulators probing possible collusion.

McKinsey: What’s In Store For China in 2012?

Gordon Orr, a director in McKinsey Quarterly ‘s Shanghai office, offers a forecast for growth in China this year: Despite food price inflation and a

Maldives president: Successor must quit

The former Maldives president recently forced to resign on Wednesday called for the new leader to step down, a lawmaker said.

Haitian Prime Minister Visits Washington

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday met with Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille, who is visiting Washington for talks on his country’s post-earthquake reconstruction efforts. The prime minister told journalists one…

Why tensions are rising as Prince William flies into Falklands

The arrival of Prince William on a British military mission to the Falkland Islands puts him at the center of a diplomatic storm with Argentina about who owns the archipelago the two nations went to war over in 1982.

Somali Minister Decries Latest Al-Shabab Attack

A Somali deputy national security minister has expressed disappointment over Wednesday’s suicide car bombing outside a hotel in the capital, Mogadishu. At least 15 people were killed in the attack and dozens more wounded, including Somali parliament members. The militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility. Abdihakim Egeh, Somalia’s deputy…

In the shadows of Table Mountain

For hundreds of millions of years it has dominated the coastal skyline of southern Africa, imposing a dramatic and domineering backdrop to an idyllic location.

Turkey Wants International Conference on Syria

Turkey is calling for renewed international efforts to end bloodshed in neighboring Syria, where a government assault on the city of Homs, a center of dissent, is intensifying. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu…

U.S.-Egypt relations tested in latest crisis

As though there were not enough tumult in Egypt. A year after revolution felled a longtime dictator, a new crisis has soured its strongest Western ally and threatened to sever military aid.

U.S.-Egypt relations tested in crisis

As though there were not enough tumult in Egypt. A year after revolution felled a longtime dictator, a new crisis has soured its strongest Western ally and threatened to sever military aid.

For savvy travelers, the Middle East still beckons

Zora O’Neill is heading to the Middle East next week.

Syria’s Deepening Crisis

Amid increasing fears of a civil war in Syria following the failure of the UN Security Council resolution, analysts remain divided over the question of intervention and how best to address the crisis.

The Obama Doctrine

Elliott Abrams argues that President Obama’s recent State of the Union address settled the matter on the existence of an Obama Doctrine.

President: Tuareg fighters from Libya stoke violence in Mali

Tuareg tribesman who reportedly fought for Moammar Gadhafi in Libya have returned to Mali with weapons, stoking violence and forcing thousands to flee, Mali’s president said.

Kidnapped Chinese workers released in Sudan

More than two dozen Chinese construction workers abducted in Sudan have been released, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday.

Australia’s Labor Caucus Backs Gillard Leadership, Treasurer Swan Says

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has the backing of her Labor Party caucus, according to Treasurer Wayne Swan, amid speculation that Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd is considering a leadership challenge.

22 Children Killed by Afghan Winter's Cold

New York Times report says children froze to death in past month in 2 refugee camps in Kabul

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