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Activists Urge Stronger US Policy Toward Two Sudans

While negotiations stall between the two Sudans on many issues that threaten their coexistence, activists and analysts are urging a stronger U.S. policy.  The U.S. government was instrumental in bringing about the creation of South Sudan …

China Urges All Sides in Syria to End Violence

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun has called on all sides in Syria to end the violence and allow elections to proceed peacefully. Zhai – who spoke in…

Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters in Damascus

China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met with Syrian President President Bashar al-Assad Saturday, as the latest government offensive against opposition towns and cities entered a second week. Meanwhile, anti-government protesters stepped up their demonstrations against the regime, with large crowds turning out in both Damascus and …

The World Next Week: February 16, 2012

A preview of world events in the coming week from CFR.org: UN nuclear officials visit Iran for a second time; a Friends of Syria meeting is held in Tunis; and G

Brookings: Election Doesn’t Mean Wasted Fiscal Year

Election year doesn’t have to be a wasted year on the fiscal front, say Pete V. Domenici, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Reduction Task Force and Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow for Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, emphasizing the need to slow …

As Newspapers Falter, Music Critics Roam Free

Fridays are funnier with a classical cartoon at noon on Deceptive Cadence.

Murdoch faces crisis at Sun newspaper

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch arrived at his News International subsidiary in London on Friday, where he will meet journalists as he attempts to take charge of the crisis surrounding the embattled Sun newspaper.

EU Eases Burma Sanctions

The European Union on Friday eased some sanctions against Burma in response to political reforms initiated by the Southeast Asian country’s nominally-civilian government, which took power last year…

Report: China Detains Hundreds of Tibetans

A human rights group says China has detained several hundred Tibetans returning from India after attending teaching sessions with the Dalai Lama. New York-based Human Rights Watch issued the report Thursday, alleging Chinese authorities have held some detainees since Feb. 6 for attending religious teachings of their …

Ex-Olympus executives arrested

Japanese prosecutors arrested three former executives, including former Olympus Corp. Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, for their alleged involvement in a massive $1.7 billion accounting fraud.

US Senators Warn Latin America on Iran Ties

U.S. senators are warning Latin American nations against deepening financial and military ties with Iran, pledging heightened U.S. vigilance of Iranian activities in the Western Hemisphere. The Senate’s Foreign Relations Subcommittee took a close look Thursday at Tehran’s dealings with Latin America. Iran’s …

Brazil plans giveaway of 3 million free condoms for Carnival revelers

Revelers in Brazil’s most famous city will enjoy more than just sun, live music and dancing when Carinval festivities start this week. Rio de Janeiro state officials are also giving away 3 million free condoms.

Mexico’s president to U.S.: ‘No more weapons’

Mexico’s president called on U.S. officials to stop gun trafficking across the border Thursday, saying the move would be the best thing Americans could do to stop brutal drug violence.

Somalis Flee Fighting Near Afgooye Corridor

In Somalia, thousands of already displaced people are fleeing new fighting northwest of Mogadishu. Many are heading for the capital where humanitarian agencies are setting up emergency relief …

Sounds from the Sahara

You might associate music festivals with muddy fields and heaving crowds, but Mali’s “Festival au Desert” is a world away from all that.

How ’99p’ stores made millions

Nadir Lalani, arrived in the United Kingdom in the recession-hit 1970s from Tanzania and started a small corner shop. Since then, he has expanded his successful budget retail business ’99p Stores’, throughout the country.

China's heir apparent visits White House

President Barack Obama welcomed China’s presumptive next leader at the White House Tuesday but also set a firm tone for future relations between the two world powers.

Obama meets with China's VP

President Barack Obama welcomed China’s presumptive premier at the White House Tuesday but also set the tone for future relations between the two world powers.

Egypt-U.S. Rift May Imperil IMF Funding as Reserves Threaten Currency Run

Egypt’s politicians and media are issuing ever-louder accusations of American meddling just as the country seeks loans from the International Monetary Fund, where the

HSBC Names McLean to Head Japan as Bank Scales Back

(Corrects sixth paragraph of story published on Jan. 27 to say McLean worked as business manager for global banking and markets in Asia-Pacific.) HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) named Kaber McLean as its chief executive officer for Japan, where Europe ’s biggest bank is reducing its presence as part…

Poll: Most Americans Think Chinese Economy Larger Than US GDP – Voice of America

Atlanta Journal Constitution Poll: Most Americans Think Chinese Economy Larger Than US GDP Voice of America February 16, 2012 Poll: Most Americans Think Chinese Economy Larger Than US GDP VOA News As China’s Vice President…

Roundup: U.N. human rights chief criticizes Security Council …

Editor’s Note: The following is reprinted with the permission of the Council on Foreign Relations. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said the Security Council’s failure to pass a resolution condemning Syrian …

Spain Rules Out Green Levy on Gasoline, El Economista Reports

The Spanish government ruled out adding a levy to the price of gasoline to offset the cost of renewable power generation as it seeks ways to balance the books in the electricity system, El Economista said.

Russia Open to UN Role to Put End to Syria Violence, Russia’s Lavrov Says

The United Nations can play a role in bringing the Syrian conflict to a halt as long as outside intervention isn’t imposed and opposition fighters also agree to a cease-fire, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

South Africa’s wine region

You can’t help but be stunned by the visual splendor when walking around the Western Cape region of South Africa, in towns like Stellenbosch. Immediately you see why this part of the African…

Iran Touts Uranium Enrichment Advances

Iran hailed its advanced nuclear capabilities Wednesday by unveiling what it says are a new generation of centrifuges to speed up uranium enrichment and its first domestically…

Doubts Grow Over Austerity for Greece

With the European Union demanding more spending cuts from Greece in return for billions of dollars in bailout funds, doubts are growing over whether more austerity is the right …

Jackie Chan Business Jet Shows Breakthrough for Embraer in China

Embraer SA (EMBR3) is using the star power of Hong Kong-born actor Jackie Chan at the Singapore Airshow as competition intensifies in China’s business-jet market.

Telkom South Africa Faces $454 Million Antitrust Fine, Business Day Says

South Africa’s Competition Commission asked the Competition Tribunal to impose a 3.5 billion rand ($454 million) penalty on Telkom South Africa Ltd. for abusing its dominant position by charging excessive prices, Business

The US-South Korea Alliance

This edited volume explores the possibilities for enhanced U.S.-ROK cooperation in both traditional and nontraditional spheres.

What the United States and China Need to Do

Elizabeth C. Economy discusses Chinese vice president Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States.

UN Concerned About West Africa’s E-Waste Problem

UN Concerned About West Africa’s E-Waste Problem

West Africa’s mounting electronic waste, or e-waste, is presenting both opportunities and problems.  The United Nations Environment Program is proposing better regulation to protect…

Greece exports teachers to SA

For a woman whose country is on the brink of financial collapse, Greek teacher Julie Koukliati is surprisingly cheerful.

UN Rights Chief ‘Outraged’ by Syrian Attacks

UN Rights Chief ‘Outraged’ by Syrian Attacks

The United Nations human rights chief said Monday she is outraged by what she called the Syrian government’s serious violations of civilian rights. The U.N. High Commissioner for …

UN Official Says ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Evident in Syria

UN Official Says ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Evident in Syria

Syrian forces have renewed their assault on the flashpoint city of Homs in what activists say is the heaviest shelling in days, after a warning by the U.N. human rights chief that the onslaught could amount to “crimes against humanity.” The Local Coordination Committees opposition group Tuesday…

China, EU Talk Debt Crisis, Airline Carbon Tax, Syria

China, EU Talk Debt Crisis, Airline Carbon Tax, Syria

Europe’s top officials are in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders that are expected to cover the eurozone debt crisis, Syria and an airline carbon tax imposed by the European Union that China …

Kosovo Serbs Hold Defiant Referendum

Kosovo Serbs Hold Defiant Referendum

Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo began voting Tuesday in a referendum on whether to recognize the ethnic Albanian-dominated Pristina government, which northerners have ignored since the former Serbian province declared independence in 2008. Some 35,000 voters in flashpoint Serb towns and enclaves are…

Gunfights in Saudi Oil-Rich Province Show Spread of Iran Political Tension

Armored anti-riot vehicles cluster outside the police station in Awwamiya in Saudi Arabia’s oil- producing eastern region, where unrest is turning violent.

Suburban D.C. County Suspends Beit Shemesh 'Sister-City' Talks

A community in Maryland has suspended negotiations over a sister-city agreement with Beit Shemesh following violence in the Israeli city against women by Haredi residents. Click here for the rest of the article…

U.S. State Department Statement on "Subnational Engagement as a 21st Century Foreign Policy Tool"

Reta Jo Lewis, Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs, gave these remarks on “Subnational Engagement as a 21st Century Foreign Policy Tool” at the 7th Annual Peacekeeping, Reconstruction, & Stabilization Conference in Alexandria,

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