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No jihad threat in the U.S.? Really?

The facts beyond this widely publicized nonsense. “Muslim Moroccan on Way to Capitol Building for Suicide Mission Arrested,” from the American Freedom Law Center, February 20: Now, here’s an interesting story that developed over the weekend. A homegrown Muslim Moroccan, who thought he had been armed by Al Qaeda

A Good Summary Of A Week In Obamaland

A newsletter, via Martha, from, summarizing the past week nicely: This week’s best example of Obama’s big government/nanny state objectives (and how far down the path he has taken us) comes from North Carolina . A four year old pre-school student’s

Seeking Kremlin return, Putin pledges spending increases

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin set out plans to increase spending on healthcare, education and social services Monday, trying to woo protesting middle-class voters before a presidential election he is expected to win…

The Monday After: Stark couple's circus love story

The late William and Eva Loos of Alliance found love to be like a circus act. Actually, it was a circus act — performed in tents throughout North America,

Sun arrests pile pressure on Murdoch media empire

LONDON (Reuters) – Rupert Murdoch is under pressure over his Sun tabloid after the arrests of several senior staff in a corruption probe, but whistleblowers inside his media empire may pose more of a threat than …

Faces beyond the numbers of long-term unemployed

J.R. Childress is up before the sun, bustling about in the French colonial brick house he built. He helps pack his wife’s lunch, downs some eggs or cereal for breakfast, pores over online and newspaper …

British police arrest five at Murdoch's Sun newspaper

LONDON (Reuters) – British police threw Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-hit News Corporation into fresh turmoil on Saturday by arresting five senior staff at the top-selling daily The Sun in a probe into journalists…

Greek cabinet approves EU/IMF bailout bill

ATHENS (Reuters) – The Greek cabinet approved a draft bill spelling out reforms required by the EU and the IMF on Friday, taking Athens closer to getting a new 130 billion-euro bailout after the prime minister warned the alternative was “catastrophe….

Asia stocks slip as Greek bailout remains in limbo

Asian stock markets dropped Friday after Europe’s finance ministers demanded more spending cuts from Greece before clearing a euro130 billion ($170 billion) bailout to stave off the country’s bankruptcy.Benchmark …

Rick Santorum wins key Republican primaries

US presidential hopeful Rick Santorum (pictured) reignited his campaign with surprise wins in the key primaries of Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota Tuesday. The wins are a blow to previous front runner Mitt Romney.

China Can’t Protect Its Own Workers

In this week’s kidnapping of 29 workers in Sudan, China fails again to rescue its own people using military might, reports Dan Levin.

Chavez taps hardline generals for inner circle

President Hugo Chavez has been filling top posts in Venezuela’s armed forces with hardline political loyalists, raising concerns among critics that the military leaders might not accept the results of this year’s election if it goes against him.

Israel names air force head amid Iran tension

Israel on Sunday named 52-year-old former fighter pilot Amir Eshel as the next head of its air force, as speculation grows about an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran raid likely to drag in U.S. and hurt global economy

MUNICH (Reuters) – An Israeli raid on Iran’s nuclear facilities would deliver a painful shock to the global economy, revive flagging Islamist militancy and possibly drag the United States into a regional war whether it backed its ally’s attack or not. As if that prospect was not alarming enough, any doubts…

Celebrity For A Day

February is a frigid month for much of North America. But today, people in the United States and Canada are thinking about spring. On Groundhog Day, a small animal is pulled from a tree stump in Pennsylvania. According to tradition, if he sees his shadow, …

Portal Bridge Design Symposium Announced

Design Teams Share Bold Design Concepts for Point State Park PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Five nationally-recognized design teams will be in Pittsburgh on Saturday, February 25, to publicly present their design concepts for the Portal Bridge, the iconic entranceway to…

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