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'Lin-tense' war of words between Taiwan, China

New NBA sensation Jeremy Lin has sparked a war of words between Taiwan and China as the rivals seek to lay claim to being the New York Knicks player’s true ancestral homeland.

China's leader-in-waiting Xi arrives in Ireland

China’s leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping arrived for a three-day visit to Ireland on Saturday after pledging continued support from the Asian power for the EU’s

UK FM: Attack on Iran has 'enormous downsides'

An attack on Iran would carry huge costs, Britain’s foreign minister warned Saturday.

China supports Arab League's proposals for Syria

China said Saturday that it supports the Arab League’s proposals for ending the violence in Syria, a striking show of support just two weeks after Beijing vetoed a U.

China says supports Arab League in handling Syria

China said Saturday it favored a solution to Syria’s violence within the Arab League framework and based on the group’s proposals, a striking show of support just two weeks

Bitter exchanges highlight Hong Kong, China divide

HONG KONG (AFP) – A bitter family feud between Hong Kongers and their northern neighbours sparked by mainland China’s increasing financial and political clout has led to an awkward debate about …

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