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Rupert Murdoch to launch Sun on Sunday 'very soon'

Newspaper tycoon Rupert Murdoch has told staff at The Sun he is planning to launch a Sunday version of the newspaper. It follows the demise of the News of the World last year.

US counterterror adviser pledges support for Yemen

Yemen’s state news agency says the U.S. administration’s top counterterrorism adviser has pledged Washington’s support for the country’s new president after upcoming elections.

Week's Top Headlines: 1,000 Bones, Topete Dash Cam

For anyone who might have missed some of the top headlines on this week, here’s a fast way to get caught up.

The Conversation: A nation at odds with itself – and U.S.

Torn by conflicting influences, including mistrust of U.S. motives, Pakistanis feel they deserve more respect.

Sheryl Sandberg: The fifth most powerful woman in the world went to North Miami Beach High

Fcaebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s inner circle includes a group of women whose friendship goes back to their days together at North Miami Beach High School.

Kenya: Citizens Are Tired, They Want Change

[Nation] There is a desperate human need for resolution. Aristotle first noted this when he said there were three acts to every story:

Islander best in New England

BOSTON — The Mount Desert Islander was named the best weekly newspaper in New England in the Class 1 division at the annual meeting of the New England Newspaper and Press Association here Saturday. The honor …

The Lede Blog: Online, an Outpouring of Respect for Shadid

As news spread of the death of Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists took to Twitter to express their admiration.

Australia's 'darkest day' remembered

The bombing of Darwin by Japanese aircraft 70 years ago was Australia’s darkest day, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

Football: Club owner rubbishes A-League as a joke

SYDNEY, Feb 19, 2012 (AFP) – - The billionaire owner of struggling Gold Coast United, Clive Palmer, has labelled Australia’s A-League a joke and his club as “insignificant”, in comments published Sunday.

Youssou N'Dour interview: 'Senegal is turning into a dictatorship'

Senegal has been rocked by riots as the hotly-contested presidential election approaches. Youssou N’Dour, the singer-turned-political challenger, tells Harriet Alexander why the people are putting up a fight.

Saint-Gobain on expansion trail

THE Saint-Gobain Group, Europe’s largest building materials supplier, plans to expand in Malaysia and other parts of Asia. Saint-Gobain, whose sales growth is affected by Europe’s …

UK hopes to create a new norm in dorms with expected deal Tuesday

University of Kentucky officials plan to sign a contract on Tuesday with a private developer that could change the face of student housing at UK and eventually alter dorm

Japan's silver age spenders mean gold for business

Business and government adapt to massive new population of retired people

China to crank up credit as lending, economy slow – The Malaysian Insider

The Malaysian Insider China to crank up credit as lending, economy slow The Malaysian Insider SHANGHAI, Feb 19 — China’s central bank yesterday cut the amount of cash banks must hold in reserves, boosting lending capacity by an estimated 350-400 billion yuan (RM169-193 billion) in a bid to crank up credit …

Main Political Actors Prepare for Polls

[ISS] Algerians are voting in legislative elections on 10 May. Taking place against the backdrop of the ‘Arab Spring’ and political reforms promised by president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, it appears that

English FA Cup results: Chelsea 1- Birmingham1, Everton 2 – Blackpool 0, Millwall 0- Bolton 2, Norwich1 – Leicester 2, Sunderland 2- Arsenal 0

English FA Cup results: Chelsea 1- Birmingham1, Everton2 – Blackpool 0, Millwall 0- Bolton 2, Norwich1 – Leicester 2, Sunderland 2- Arsenal 0

Brazil’s Lula grateful for planned Carnival tribute

Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is recovering from cancer radiation therapy, on Saturday thanked a Sao Paulo samba school for its planned tribute to his …

New Maldives leader agrees to poll

The country’s new leader has reportedly softened his stance and agreed to hold early elections to break a political impasse after his predecessor resigned.

Hundreds Dead in Honduras Prison Fire

A massive fire at a Honduran prison has killed hundreds of inmates, in what is believed to be one of the worst such disasters in Latin America. Officials say more than 350 prisoners are missing and presumed dead, although some of those who are unaccounted for may have escaped. The …

Somalia Leaders Sign Agreements on Government Formation

Somalian leaders have concluded a conference in the semi-autonomous state of Puntland with an agreement on the formation of a new elected government. Somalian President Shaykh Sharif Shaykh Ahmad and the president of the Puntland regional administration, Abdirahman Farole, both attended the conference, along with international envoys from…

Activists Urge Stronger US Policy Toward Two Sudans

While negotiations stall between the two Sudans on many issues that threaten their coexistence, activists and analysts are urging a stronger U.S. policy.  The U.S. government was instrumental in bringing about the creation of South Sudan …

China Urges All Sides in Syria to End Violence

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun has called on all sides in Syria to end the violence and allow elections to proceed peacefully. Zhai – who spoke in…

Syrian Troops Fire on Protesters in Damascus

China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zhai Jun met with Syrian President President Bashar al-Assad Saturday, as the latest government offensive against opposition towns and cities entered a second week. Meanwhile, anti-government protesters stepped up their demonstrations against the regime, with large crowds turning out in both Damascus and …

Pope Installs New Princes of Catholic Church

An increasingly frail Pope Benedict is leaving his mark on the Catholic Church, installing 22 new cardinals in a ceremony at the Vatican Saturday. Attendants wheeled the 84 year-old pope into St. Peter’s Basilica on …

4G licensing in Vietnam halted until 2018

Customers use D-com 3G services provided by Viettel. After three years developing the 3G service, Vietnam has more than 12.8 million subscribers. Photo by Tran Thanh Giang

United Opposition A Challenge To Venezuela's Chavez

Opposition leaders have coalesced into a united and focused movement that is preparing to choose one candidate to run against the president, posing the strongest electoral challenge to Hugo Chavez’s populist rule. Chavez still leads his nearest rival

Spanish 'ghost' airport's unused runway to be dug up

A “ghost” airport in Spain that has yet to be used is to have its runway dug up because it does not meet regulations.

Africa: The 'Scramble' for Somalia

[Fahamu] A huge international conference is being organised in London on Somalia, but it does not have the support of the citizens. It will fail because what the ‘international community’ has failed to learn over the years is that Somalis are

Peru quadruple fatal attributed to pedestrian error

Dat T. Ong and Chu Xiong, in dark clothing, were walking on an unlit road with their backs to traffic when they were struck and killed in the November 2011 accident that also

The Media's "Iran Is a Wild and Crazy State" Frame

As evidence mounted this week that Iran was behind attacks on Israelis in India and Georgia, the Israeli government had its messaging ready to go.

Iran could start new 'Cold War' – Hague

British Foreign Minister William Hague has said Iran’s nuclear ambitions could lead to a new Cold War.

India's Kingfisher Airlines Seeks To Borrow $40 Million To Avert Cash Crunch – Source

Loss-making Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. (532747.BY) has made a fresh appeal to its lenders for additional loans of 2 billion Indian rupees ($40.59 million), less than a…

Honduras under fire after huge prison blaze

COMAYAGUA, Honduras (Reuters) – Survivors of a Honduran jailhouse fire that killed more than 350 inmates accused prison guards of leaving prisoners to die trapped inside their

Apple in talks on iTV with Canada telecoms: report

TORONTO (Reuters) – Apple Inc. is in talks with Canada’s two biggest telecom companies about becoming partners in the launch of iTV, a device combining features of the wildly…

UK & World News: £1m payout to child asylum seekers

The Home Office has paid compensation of more than £1m, plus £1m costs, in a case involving 40 child asylum seekers who were wrongly detained as adults, it

#LATEST #NEWS: $6 trillion in fake US T-bonds seized: Italy’s anti-mafia prosecutors, in a joi… #uknews #news #rt

#LATEST #NEWS : $6 trillion in fake US T-bonds seized: Italy’s anti-mafia prosecutors, in a joi… #uknews #news #rt

#Business #Finance #WorldBusiness Dividend stocks: How to find the best ones #news

#Business #Finance #WorldBusiness Dividend stocks: How to find the best ones #news

#Business #Finance #WorldBusiness New Canadian Tire Money Advantage Rewards #news

#Business #Finance #WorldBusiness New Canadian Tire Money Advantage Rewards #news

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