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Work Stalls at NYC World Trade Center Site as Steel Beams Fall 40 Stories

Work was halted today at the World Trade Center construction site in lower Manhattan after a crane dropped steel beams that fell about 40 stories onto the truck that

U.S.-Taliban Talks 'Exploratory' Says Afghanistan Envoy

By Serena Chaudhry ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (Reuters) – The Afghan Taliban and the United States have made only exploratory contacts for possible reconciliation which do not involve the Kabul government, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan said on Thursday.

Two Peru School employees face disciplinary charges

Interim Superintendent A. Paul Scott said the allegations did not involve direct contact with students.

China Sends Syria Envoy After UN Veto In Diplomacy Measure

(Adds quote) By Ben Blanchard and Michael Martina BEIJING, Feb 16 (Reuters) – China disapproves of armed intervention or regime change in Syria, a minister said on Thursday before leaving on the first official trip to Syria since Beijing blocked a U.N.

Abby Goldberg: The UN and Cholera in Haiti

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council began a four-day mission in Haiti to evaluate their peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts. Part of their trip will include

Robert Scheer: Apple’s China Comes Home to Haunt Us

If the habits required of Apple’s workforce in China are to be emulated, the U.S. military, or perhaps our outsized prison system, should become the essential …

Malik Siraj Akbar: Pakistan Vs. Balochistan

What began as a mere demand for maximum internal autonomy until recently, brutal state violence has taken the movement to a point of no-return where the irreconcilable young Balochs seek absolute independence.

Man arrested in connection with 2011 Peru School burglary

Police say DNA links Scott L. Bascom of Plattsburgh to the crime.

Israeli diplomat wounded in India car bomb blast; second attack thwarted in Tbilisi

Israeli leaders blamed Iran and Lebanese Shiite militant group Hezbollah for a car bomb attack that wounded an Israeli diplomat at its New Delhi, India embassy Monday. A second car bomb targeting the vehicle of a non-diplomatic staffer at the Israeli embassy…

Asia key as U.S., EU tighten sanctions against Iran

LONDON (Reuters) – Western states hope new oil sanctions will deter Tehran from pursuing its disputed nuclear program but ultimately it will be China, India and other Asian powers that …

Iran to confront pre-election opposition protest

TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian authorities will crack down this week on any public protest against the year-long house arrest of opposition leaders, Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi, an official was…

Edward Flattau: Involuntary Exposure

When it comes to industry imposing risks upon us without our knowledge, government has an obligation to use regulation to protect us from ourselves. Read more: Cancer

Clarence B. Jones: The Normality of the Unexpected

Freshly minted Facebook millionaires, unemployment reduced to 8.3 percent, and rising stock market values do not reduce the possibility of the occurrence of one or more domestic

Harmony Among Religions At The United Nations? – Huffington Post

Theologian Hans Kung often repeats his maxim that there can be no peace among nations without peace among religions.

Evelyn Leopold: Does Britannia Rule the Waves in the S. Atlantic? Argentina Thinks So.

Argentina’s foreign minister wants the United Nations to mediate with Britain over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and accused London of militarizing the south Atlantic. “Rubbish,” responded Britain’s ambassador.

World stocks lower as Greek debt talks drag on

World stock markets were mostly lower Tuesday as talks dragged on to resolve a massive debt mess in Greece before it explodes into a wider financial crisis.Benchmark oil hovered below $97 per barrel while …

Nathan Currier: Methane in the Twilight Zone (Third Episode)

Do you like CSI ? I remember the esteemed climate scientist Michael MacCracken once saying that climate researchers need to be like CSI investigators, prying out the truth from obscure clues. Read more… Survey Reveals Lib Dem Supporters Are Most Romantic

LONDON, February 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –A survey by dating site asked users how positive or negative they were to Valentine’s Day, and combined their answers with anonymised data from …

Daniel Wagner: China-Bashing Is a Tiresome Sport in American Politics

Instead of following predictable (and boring) scripts, why not turn the page on Cold War-esque rhetoric and find ways to join hands with China so as to mutually benefit from each other’s comparative advantages?

On Afghanistan War, U.S. Debate Inflamed By Vague Goals, Shortage Of Facts

WASHINGTON — After 10 years of fighting in Afghanistan, the American public has no way to know if the United States is winning the war or not.

World Market for Anti-Infectives (Antifungals, Antibacterials and Antivirals)

NEW YORK, Feb. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: World Market for Anti-Infectives (Antifungals, Antibacterials and Antivirals) …

MediKeeper Selects High-Tech BtoB PR and Marketing Firm Arketi Group for Marketing Engagement

Arketi Group, a high-tech business-to-business public relations and digital marketing firm, has been chosen by MediKeeper, a leading health information integration company, to

Whale Shark In Pakistan Raises More Questions Than Answers (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

Video of a dead whale shark being pulled from the sea off of Pakistan raises more questions about the school-bus-size fish’s demise than it answers, scientists say.

Jason Apuzzo: The Most Provocative Filmmaker in the World: A Conversation With Mads Brügger on The Ambassador

He’s punk’d both the North Korean communist government and in his new film, the Central African Republic and its corrupt diplomatic culture. Mads Brügger is one of Europe’s funniest and most controversial filmmakers, although

Iraq executes 14 criminals despite UN rights chief protest

Iraq executed 14 convicted criminals on Tuesday, a Justice Ministry official said, bringing the number of executions this year to at least 65 despite objections from the United Nations

Is Your Toilet Paper Killing Tigers?

Is Your Toilet Paper Killing Tigers?

Using toilet paper may be a dirty business, but what about where your TP came from? A new report from World Wildlife Fund suggests that American co… Read more: Toilet Paper Deforestation , Tigers , Toilet Paper Habitat Destruction , Video , Paper

Mary Anne Hitt: Clean Air and Public Health Wins — Now Will Energy Company Stand Up for Its Workers?

We are committed to clean energy, and we are committed to good jobs. And we will continue pushing FirstEnergy to do the same. Read more: Energy , Labor , Environment , Jobs , Clean Energy , Labor Unions , Sierra Club , Coal , Unions , Green News

Cruise ships banned from releasing sewage along Calif. coast

LOS ANGELES — Cruise ships and large commercial vessels will be barred from releasing sewage within three miles of the California coast under a rule signed Thursday by the U.S. Environmental Protection…

eVestment Selected by Towers Watson to Compile Manager Data In South Africa

eVestment Alliance, a global provider of institutional investment data intelligence and analytic solutions, has expanded its relationship with Towers Watson into the South African market.

Panic buttons to be given to NYC hotel maids

Hotels in New York City have agreed to approve a hotel union request to give housekeepers personal panic buttons. The move comes after a Sofitel hotel maid accused

Cuse lawyers: Fine accusers out for headlines

Two men suing Syracuse University and head basketball coach Jim Boeheim for defamation connected to the sexual abuse investigation of fired assistant Bernie Fine are only out to

Catalan Painter Antoni Tapies Dies At 88 Years Old

Antoni Tapies passed away last night according to his family members. He was 88 years old and had been in bad health for some time. Tapies was hugely influential to European Abstract art;

China says may send envoy to discuss Syria crisis

BEIJING (Reuters) – China is considering sending an envoy to the Middle East to discuss the crisis in Syria, the foreign ministry said Tuesday, as it sought to assuage popular anger at its vetoing of an Arab League…

Syria pounds protest hubs as nearly 70 killed

Syrian forces rained rockets and shells on protest hubs on Monday and killed at least 66 civilians, activists said, as Washington closed its Damascus embassy and Britain recalled its ambassador.

WATCH: Protecting Oceans And Marine Life Takes Different Shapes In 2012

With threats like overfishing, plastic pollution and changing temperatures looming over the world’s oceans, conservation groups are working hard to pr… Read more: Video , Plastic Pollution , Ocean Protection , Nature , Environment ,

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb: 14 By 14, A Biblical Emissions Mandate: 14 (Percent Reduction) By (20)14

We should let our workers rest from their labors; and the Earth should be allowed to rest, too. Social, spiritual and ecological sustainability intertwine. Read more: Energy , Covenant , Carbon , Religion , Environmental , Leviticus , Climate , Bible , Sabbatical , Environment , Coejl , Greenhouse , Torah , Jewish , Rabbi , Green Faith , Religion News

Russia, China Veto Of Syria UN Resolution Sparks Outrage

By Joseph Logan and Patrick Worsnip BEIRUT/UNITED NATIONS, Feb 5 (Reuters) – Western and Arab states voiced outrage on Sunday after Russia and China vetoed a

Baboons wreak havoc at Zimbabwe border post

Troops of bag-snatching, truck-looting baboons are causing chaos at a border post between Zimbabwe and Zambia in daily raids for food, NewsDay reported on Tuesday.

Chief army defector promises fight to free Syria

The commander of rebel Syrian soldiers said Sunday there is no choice but to use military force to drive President Bashar Assad’s regime from power as fears mounted that government troops will escalate their deadly crackdown on dissent after Russia and China vetoed a U.N. resolution aimed at …

Russia's new middle class warriors hit the streets

Middle class but disillusioned, Igor and Rina are typical of the new generation of Russian activists who cannot wait to join a protest on Saturday against strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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