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Top U.S. general discusses NGO case in Cairo (Reuters)

Reuters – The top U.S. military officer met Egypt’s ruling generals in Cairo Saturday and discussed the case of U.S. pro-democracy activists charged in an investigation that has strained ties

When cooking can be deadly

Cooking over an open fire causes an estimated 2 million premature deaths each year. Producers of “clean cookstoves” hope to change that.

US govt to restore quote on King memorial

The US Department of the Interior announced Friday that it will correct a quote etched in stone on the Martin Luther King Memorial to more accurately reflect the meaning and intent of King’s original statement.

Chavez has opponent in Venezuela election

Once jailed governor hopes to give Hugo Chávez a run for the presidency Henrique Capriles, the energetic governor of Venezuelas Miranda state, is leading the polls for Sundays opposition primary…

Thailand beefs up security after warning of attack

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai authorities have beefed up security in parts of the capital and other areas popular with tourists after the United States and Israel …

Syria: Gunmen Assassinate General In Damascus

Gunmen have assassinated an army general in Damascus, state media reports have said. 

ACTA hits delays in Germany

Anti-ACTA activists have organized protests in the United Kingdom, for Saturday. read more

Putin made Russian corruption "civilised" – campaign chief

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Vladimir Putin has tamed the gangster capitalism which accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union to make Russian corruption “normal and civilised,” his presidential election campaign chief said in an interview published on Friday. Russia is ranked as the most corrupt major power and in leaked documents …

Germany: Arid Uka, Frankfurt airport shooter, jailed for life

The state court in Frankfurt today found Uka, 22, guilty of two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder and serious bodily harm. read more

Analysis: China wrestles with role in Syria and beyond

BEIJING (Reuters) – After bowing to Western pressure over Libya a year ago, China blocked a move pressing Syria’s leader to step down, exposing the difficulties Beijing faces in deciding when to go along with and when to rebuff demands piling up at its door. China will …

Media: Results, Not Terry, Put Paid To Capello

Fabio Capello’s decision to quit England dominated the Italian newspapers and was splashed on all the front pages as well as on the TV.

Stephen Harper wraps up China trip with hands on pandas and politics

CHONGQING, China – Prime Minister Stephen Harper wrapped up his trip to China with his hands on a national treasure but avoided a public handshake with a controversial politician.

Europe Must Not "Make Assumptions" On Russia, Expert Exclaims

PARIS, February 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –Political scientist Oscar Aubert, an expert on West Europe, Russia and CIS, has said that the scenario in Russia is different to the Arab Spring, stating that Europe …

Does Russia Have A Cogent Middle East Strategy?

Russia’s support for Syrian President Bashar Assad has put it on the defensive, and its reluctance to embrace the Arab Spring has alienated traditional friends. This week, Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution aimed

Protesters show Syria solidarity

Hundreds of demonstrators have gathered in London in a show of solidarity with protesters across the Middle East and North Africa.

President: Iran to Unveil New Achievements in N. Technology Soon

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced on Saturday that the country plans to unveil a series of big new achievements in nuclear technology in coming days

World Trade Center cost rises by $4B over 4 years

The agency building the new World Trade Center has let costs get out of control, with the estimated price tag soaring nearly $4 billion over the last four years, auditors said Tuesday.

World beer market 2011 growth picks up to 2.7 percent: report

LONDON (Reuters) – Growth in the world beer market picked up to reach 2.7 percent in 2011 as growth continued to strengthen driven by emerging markets, and is predicted to…

IMF, Greece continue talks to finalize bailout

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The International Monetary Fund and Greek authorities continue talks to finalize details of a new rescue package following an agreement among the country’s …

EU pressures India over Iran nuclear programme

The EU on Friday pushed India to use its influence to get Iran to resume talks over its disputed nuclear drive, a day after New Delhi said it wanted to boost trade with the Islamic republic.

Romney appeals to U.S. business with harsh China talk

RESTON, Virginia (Reuters) – Mitt Romney slammed China’s “autocratic model” of capitalism in a speech to technology executives on Friday, keeping up attacks on the economic powerhouse days before a visit from a Chinese official expected to be the country’s next leader. China’s rise…

Rothschild loses "puppet master" libel case

LONDON (Reuters) – Financier Nathaniel Rothschild lost a libel case on Friday against a newspaper that depicted him as a “puppet master” who used his friendship with a European trade chief to impress a Russian oligarch and help close a business deal. Rothschild sued the Daily Mail over a…

Quake stadium may host women's U-20 games

A stadium hit by a massive earthquake last March is one of candidate venues for the under-20 women’s football World Cup to be hosted by Japan this summer, the country’s football chief said Thursday

Report: Saudi Arabia eyes nukes if Iran tests A-bomb

Saudia Arabia would move quickly to acquire nuclear weapons if Iran successfully tests an atomic bomb, according to a report.

India: Chinese army squatting in Arunachal Pradesh

For 26 years, India has tolerated a Chinese military camp in disputed Arunachal Pradesh Jason Overdorf The Chinese army has been squatting in the disputed territory of Arunachal Pradesh for 26 years, occupying a strategic location within easy striking distance of the world’s …

Graeme Swann disagrees with Andy Flower

“I don’t accept that spending some rare time at home in November and December contributed to our loss here.

China: South Africa's latest role model?

JOHANNESBURG — South African politicians push to model its economic plan after that of its biggest trading partner in 2011, China. read more

US military suicides high even as wars wind down

Senior commanders concede that during recent years, more American veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have died of their own hand than through contact with the enemy. read more

Africa as a Frontier Market

Obiageli Ezekwesili discusses the rise of Africa as a frontier market, the prospects for growth in coming years, the emergence of new players in African economies, and the

Mugabe general ‘killed in blaze’ cannot be exhumed, says court

Testimony at an inquest into the death of one of Zimbabwe’s most powerful men has ended with the court refusing appeals from his family for his body to be…

Witchcraft fans mob man claiming to be reincarnated singer abducted by zombies

A South African man who claims to be a famous Zulu folk singer returned from the dead after being held captive by zombies for the past two years has been detained on suspicion of fraud.

Explosions Rock Northern Syrian City, 28 Dead, 235 Wounded

Explosions Rock Northern Syrian City, 28 Dead, 235 Wounded

Syrian state television says twin explosions at security compounds in northern Syria Friday killed at least 28 people and wounded 235 others as a government crackdown on opposition protests spiked nationwide. The blasts targeted a military intelligence building and …

Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman has been sent to the UN to protest Britain’s ‘militarization’ of the disputed Malvinas

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who on Tuesday accused Britain of militarizing the South Atlantic archipelago, said that she would take the case to the UN

Indian Writer B. Raman Blames U.S. Policy for Militant Activities in China’s Xinjiang Province, Says: ‘The Jamaat-e-Islami of Pakistan Contributes Money Regularly to the ETIM And Helps Many Uighur Students in Pakistan’

Map courtesy: thechinabeat.blogpost.com In a recent article, former Indian official and security affairs analyst B. Raman blamed U.S. policy for some militant activities carried out by the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) in the wider … No. 4488 – February 12, 2012

Hamas says Gaza ‘not occupied;’ UN disagrees

Note: There is an email link embedded within this post, please visit this post to email it. | Note: There is a print link embedded within this post, please visit this post to print it. Wed, Jan 04, 2012 | UN Watch | By Hillel C…

After Iowa: It’s Mitt and Rick!

A win by the skin of his teeth A Fanatic or A Charlatan: Pick Your Poison In an election which, according to the New York Times, offered the voters in the Iowa Republican Caucuses a choice between “right, far right, and far far right” each…

Egypt: Muslims attempt to purge village near Alexandria of its Christian population

On particularly prominent display here is the use of the Orwellian “reconciliation meetings,” where “reconciliation” depends in practice on Christians’ giving into whatever demands are imposed on them. “Alexandria: forced

How Europe Views the U.S. Presidential Campaign

Europeans are closely watching the U.S. presidential campaign despite their ongoing economic troubles because the United States remains the number one power in the world, says German expert Josef Joffe.

What Next With Iran: The News Dissector Report from Iran Is The Past The Future?

In a recent episode, one of the management consultants pitches a company about the need to launch a new product. She recounts the story of the Polaroid Company known as the Apple of its day, widely admired for the cool design of its instant

Pro-Assad and Syrian Opposition Activists Come To Blows On Al-Jazeera TV

On the January 31, 2012 edition of the “Opposite Direction” talk show on Al-Jazeera TV, during a heated debate on the situation in Syria, Lebanese journalist Josef Abu Al-Fadhl, who is close to the

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