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Polish man found in mountains is Iraq war veteran

A man found with severe frostbite in subzero temperatures in the southern Polish mountains was being taken to a military hospital on Friday after his family identified him as a veteran of the Iraq war.

Putin vows to boost Russian army ahead of vote

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Monday Russia had launched “unprecedented” steps to boost the army as he played up his strongman credentials ahead of March 4 presidential polls

Birth Anniversary Commemorated by Foreign Media

Pyongyang, February 19 (KCNA) — Foreign papers carried special write-ups and foreign broadcasting services aired commemorative programs on the birth anniversary of general secretary Kim Jong Il.

Balochistan resolution has no legal force

The Balochistan resolution presented in the US Congress on Friday is not a piece of legislation and will have no legal force even if it is adopted, although this seems

China paper accuses West of stirring Syria unrest

Western support for Syrian rebels could trigger civil war in the violence-hit nation, an influential Chinese newspaper said, as it defended Beijing’s decision to veto a UN resolution.

China's leader-in-waiting Xi wraps up Ireland visit

China’s Vice President Xi Jinping wrapped up his three-day visit to Ireland on Monday with a trade and investment summit, as Dublin seeks to provide Beijing with an EU financial foothold.

Iran to host high-level UN team

Iran is to host a high-level team from the UN nuclear watchdog on Monday as part of efforts to defuse dire international tensions over its atomic activities through dialogue.

JINSA: Strengthening Israel by promoting Syrian ‘Chalabi’

On February 17, subscribers to the mailing list of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) received a message entitled “Want to Know What’s Going On in Syria?” inviting them to a special conference call briefing from Farid Ghadry,

North Korea threatens ‘merciless’ action over drills

North Korea today threatened to launch “merciless” strikes against South Korea over its planned live-fire drills near their disputed sea border.

Prison Riot Kills 20 in Mexico

Mexican officials say at least 40 people were killed when a prison riot erupted Sunday in the northern part of the country. Officials said a fight broke out in …

North Koreans celebrate 70th birthday of late leader Kim Jong-il

NORTH Korea launched a colourful array of celebrations, tributes and festivities on Thursday to mark the 70th birthday of the late leader Kim Jong-il.

4G licensing in Vietnam halted until 2018

Customers use D-com 3G services provided by Viettel. After three years developing the 3G service, Vietnam has more than 12.8 million subscribers. Photo by Tran Thanh Giang

New North Korea: Big Support for Kim Jong Un from Some Corners of Japan

When Kim Jong Un was declared heir apparent of North Korea in December, Choe Kwan Ik was probably one of the few people in Tokyo who knew who the kid was.

China’s Stocks Drop on Wuhu’s Property Reversal, Slumping Bank Loan Growth

China’s stock-index futures fell, signaling declines for the benchmark index, after new lending grew less than estimated in January and an eastern Chinese city suspended a decision to ease property curbs.

China’s Xi Should Take Lesson in U.S. Creativity: Junheng Li

An executive in the Shanghai office of an American private-equity firm decided to conduct an experiment with two groups of MBA interns. He gave the same project to a team…

The Russia-China Veto: Is It Enough? Hypocrisy, another opportunistic gambit or a genuine shift in geopolitical stance?

Mao Zedong famously declared that the “US is a paper tiger” and that in war, the people is paramount in winning and not weapons. Atomic weapons

To Combat Modern Ills, Korea Looks to the Past: http://t.co/d0Bc6wUY

To Combat Modern Ills, Korea Looks to the Past: http://t.co/d0Bc6wUY

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