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The Mess in Angela Merkel's Own Backyard: Who Will Be Her Third President?

The job of the President of Germany is to cut ribbons, welcome heads of states and sign legislation into law. The post is occasionally ridiculed for its insignificance with the German word Frühstücksdirektor (literally, breakfast director). Germans are not used to hearing much about their presidents, who are usually…

From Readers and Colleagues, an Outpouring of Respect for Anthony Shadid

As news spread of the death of the Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists, readers and admirers took to Twitter, other social networks and blogs to express their grief and admiration.

Creeping legislation threatens smoking culture

Smoking might be becoming less popular in Denmark but the government is still hesitant to cut too deep into smokers rights, which means it is still permitted in small bars

F1 claims Bahrain GP will go ahead

The Bahrain Grand Prix is still on for April, despite opposition protests marking the one-year anniversary of a civil uprising against the minority rule in the Gulf kingdom. Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone dismissed Tuesday’s massive antigovernment protest in…

Pakistan's Supreme Court vs. Everybody, but Most of All the Prime Minister

With the indictment of Yousaf Gilani, the major branches of the Pakistani establishment are more than ever at each other’s throats

Libya marks revolution day as leader issues warning

An Libyan woman holding a portrait of deceased relative parades during celebrations on February 16, 2012 in the streets of the eastern city of Benghazi — the cradle of revolt against Moamer Kadhafi — on the eve of the anniversary of the first protest against the slain dictator.

25 January… 100 years ago

Imagine picking up a newspaper with your morning coffee, and then imagine that you are in 1912. Samir Sobhi tells us about what he read in Egyptian press a century ago

Jewish group: Chavez foe a target of anti-Semitism

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — A prominent Jewish group is urging President Hugo Chavez to prevent anti-Semitic attacks on the opposition’s presidential candidate by state news media. The Simon Wiesenthal Center is condemning…

Cracks in city loyal to Syrian president Al Assad

Aleppo, Syria: In the apartment of an elderly Aleppo woman, the TV was tuned to the pro-government channel Al Dunya. Patriotic music played over images of …

Railway could go Air India way if money not pumped in: Trivedi

Railway minister Dinesh Trivedi today cautioned railway could go the Air India way if money was not pumped in the cash-strapped national transporter, as an official committee proposed cess to generate money to upgrade safety mechanism.

Vietnam's High Court Sides With Hero Fish Farmer

Vietnam’s high court sides with hero fish farmer after armed standoff with police

Insight – Japan slowly wakes up to doomsday debt risk

TOKYO (Reuters) – By Tetsushi Kajimoto, Leika Kihara and Tomasz Janowski

Italy's PM takes on Catholic Church over taxes

Monti seeks to end exemptions on all properties used for commercial activities in latest response to country’s debt crisis

Palestinian's Hunger Strike Challenges Detention by Israel

A lawyer for Khader Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner who has refused to eat since being detained two months ago by Israel, said he could die “at any minute.”

02/16/2012 13:03 MYANMAR Yangon, company grants wage increase to striking workers

» Employees of the, Chinese-owned, Tai Yi shoe company after days of strike succeed in getting a wage increase from 75 to 100 kyat per hour (approximately 11 cents). No change to bonuses for those working 12 hours a day for 26 days a month.

Mongolia as Minegolia? Paying the Price

As the Mongolian mining boom regains traction after an economic downturn, two visions of the country’s future — an environmental wasteland, or a newly prosperous nation — are increasingly in competition.

Egypt-U.S. Rift May Imperil IMF Funding as Reserves Threaten Currency Run

Egypt’s politicians and media are issuing ever-louder accusations of American meddling just as the country seeks loans from the International Monetary Fund, where the

The Lede Blog: On Twitter, an Outpouring of Respect for Shadid

As news spread of the death of Times reporter Anthony Shadid, Mr. Shadid’s fellow journalists took to Twitter to express their admiration.

MP Mustafa calls the people come out to overthrow the govt on 17 feb

Thimarafushi MP and opposition MDP member Mohamed Mustafa has called the people to come out to the streets and join the MDP members to topple the current government. Speaking at the public rally of the former ruling party held last evening at Artificial beach area, MP Mustafa …

Dejected Nasheed warns India it would lose influence to China

(Deccanherald): Dejected by the cold shoulder given by India, ousted president Mohamed Nasheed said today that New Delhi has taken his party “for granted” and may lose “leverage” to China under the new regime. Calling himself a great lover of India, Nasheed said unlike the opposition Progressive…

Government likely to go, but when?

By Pushpa Raj Pradhan It is almost sure that this government led by Dr Baburam Bhattarai is not going to last for long. The Mohan Vaidya camp in the Maoist party has demanded for the resignation of PM Bhattarai. According to a Maoist …

"Responsibility to Protect" in Civil War Zones

I continue to be convinced that, when it comes to anything even vaguely connected to war, military affairs, or coercive diplomacy, the most important fact of history is the ferocious bipartisan determination to prove Donald Rumsfeld right and Colin Powell

End reign of the succulents.

From: Gary S Gevisser Date: February 12, 2012 5:33:41 PM PST To: Vice President Dan Quayle Cc: rest; Rock legend Cyndi Lauper – referenced in VP Dan Quayle’s response to Major Sam Samples on December 9, 2011.” , “US Air Force Fighter Pilot Terry Sam Samples – Convicted Felon.” , “Raye

Tropical Cyclone Giovanna hits Madagascar

Powerful Category 4 Cyclone Giovanna slams Madagascar; kills at least one A category four cyclone pummelled Madagascar’s eastern shores on Tuesday, killing at least one person and causing power shutdowns in some

Caterpillar’s MWM Sees Rise in Clean Engines Amid Nuclear Woes

MWM GmbH, the German engine maker bought last year by Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), said more customers are looking for alternative-fuel engines as Germany winds down its nuclear power. Higher energy prices and supply shortages…

Taunton Gazette captures 3 New England Newspaper & Press Association awards

The Taunton Daily Gazette took home three awards Saturday at the New England Newspaper & Press Association’s annual Better Newspapers contest.

Egypt state media accuses U.S. of spreading anarchy

CAIRO (Reuters) – State-run newspapers splashed accusations of a U.S. plan to spread “anarchy” in Egypt, escalating a dispute that Washington said on Tuesday must be resolved to ensure their continued military cooperation. Based on remarks by a government minister, the headlines marked another low in the crisis between…

Afghanistan reported joining Taliban peace talks

NEW YORK, Feb 16 — The US and Afghan governments have begun secret three-way talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told The Wall Street Journal, in a move that could…

Acquittal of Gaddafi PM Provokes Ire

[Tunisia Live] The news that the Libyan…

Norwegian Postal Authority apologizes to Sri Lanka for issuing LTTE stamps

Feb 15, Colombo: The Norwegian Postal Authority, Posten Norge, has issued an apology to the Sri Lankan Ambassador in Oslo, Mr. E. Rodney M. Perera, for the recent issuance of LTTE stamps in Norway, the External Affairs Ministry said.

United Russia To Be Dismantled?

MOSCOW — United Russia, the country’s dominant political party for more than a decade, might be radically reformed or even dissolved in the coming months, media reports said Friday.

Malaysia two-faced in Saudi blogger saga, says US paper

(The Malaysian Insider) – Malaysia has been labelled a “champion of double-talk” by the Washington Post after deporting Saudi Arabian blogger Hamza Kashgari to face allegations of insulting Prophet Muhammad, a crime punishable by death in the oil-rich kingdom. In an editorial yesterday, the US newspaper scolded…

Ecclestone insists Bahrain GP will go ahead

On the first anniversary of the pro-democracy protests in Bahrain, Bernie Ecclestone insists that the Grand Prix will go ahead.

Swiss defense minister defends Swedish jet deal

Put on the hot seat by a secret air force report, Switzerland’s defense minister on Tuesday strongly defended the government’s decision to buy Swedish fighter jets.

EU leader pushes China to open markets, calls for support on Iran and Syria

By Joe McDonald, The Associated Press BEIJING, China – The European Union urged China on Tuesday to open its markets, act more aggressively on forcing Iran to negotiate over its nuclear

EU leader pushes for Chinese help on Iran, Syria

(02-14) 04:25 PST BEIJING, China (AP) — European Union leaders urged China on Tuesday to open its markets, join in persuading Iran to negotiate over its nuclear program and help end

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