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IMF Needs to Rethink Uzbekistan

At the end of May, the International Monetary Fund, IMF, issued a statement  advising the Uzbek government to start fighting inflation and publish more realistic economic data than it does now.  A major task, the IMF said, should be to reduce the inflation rate to below ten per cent before the end of 2013 by cutting budget spending and relaxing its monetary policy.

Honduras: Intentan sacar cuerpos de reos muertos en incendio

TEGUCIGALPA (AP) — La policía desalojó el lunes con gases lacrimógenos a centenares de personas que intentaron sacar de la morgue los cuerpos de los reos que murieron la semana pasada en…

News Corp. launches its new Sunday tabloid despite ongoing scandal

News Corp. officials announced Sunday that the tabloid The Sun on Sunday would replace the now defunct News of the World. read more

FEATURE: Putin dominates television as Russia gets ready to vote By Benedikt von Imhoff, dpa Eds: Elections take place …

Moscow (dpa) – Featuring bizarre televised debates between candidate surrogates, government critics sounding off on state television and vicious propaganda battles fought over the internet, recent Russian political discourse has been anything but boring.But as the world‘s biggest country counts down to a presidential election…

China paper accuses West of stirring Syria unrest

Western support for Syrian rebels could trigger civil war in the violence-hit nation, an influential Chinese newspaper said, as it defended Beijing’s decision to veto a UN resolution.

U.S., Britain warn Israel against attacking Iran

Tehran stops oil exports to France, Britain; Iranian warship docked in Syria

US backs new IMF loan to Greece

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has thrown Washington’s support behind the new austerity measures agreed by Greece and said the US backed the idea of a new IMF loan for Athens.

Mediaspace Solutions Creates Blue Sky News Highlighting the Benefits and Changes in the Newspaper Industry

Mediaspace Solutions deals with hundreds of newspapers every day, and what we read about the industry and what we have experienced are two different things. The Blue Sky News newsletter has been created to give a different perspective on the newspaper industry.

F1: Bahrain disappointed to lose season open date

Feb.20 (GMM) Organisers of the Bahrain grand prix have admitted disappointment with being bumped from the head of the 2012 calendar. Following the cancellation of its 2011 race and test over the civil unrest early last year…

Turkish criminal gangs are ruling over the streets in the UK

Turkish criminal gangs are ruling over the streets in the UK, controlling much of the drug market in Germany, as well as providing political influence in the Netherlands. Turkish mafia

Three Extremely Costly False Flags

Proof Israel Did 9/11 (Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11) False-flag #1 was 9/11 – its upfront cost being 3,000 lives and billions of dollars in commercial losses. Losses continue to pile up on a massive scale, both in lives (mostly civilian) estimated to be well past a mill …

UN warns of unequal exposure to environmental health risks within …

14 2012 – One out of every five Europeans dies from environmentally-related diseases, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) warned today, noting that poorer citizens are more exposed to such risks than their …

The Road to Rio+20. I: Plan for UN Dictatorial Global Warming One …

Even Rajendra Pachauri – the UN IPCC’s climate chief, openly declares “climate science” is just politically commisssioned work. The ongoing findings of independent climate scientists, that there is no global warming , …

EU countries want UN peacekeepers in Syria – EU Observer

Libya-type military strikes in Syria are still “out of the question,” but France, Italy and the UK have backed a call to send in UN peacekeepers .

Russia's Sberbank Sees Business Lending Oppurtunity In Hungary

Russia’s Sberbank (SBER.RS) views muted lending activity in Hungary as providing a key opportunity to lend to the country’s business sector, a company executive said Friday.

Canadian-poker: Industry Leaders Confident in Online Poker Future Despite PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker Controversy

MONTREAL, Canada–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Online poker industry leaders are optimistic the industry is finally moving in right direction after prolonged controversy after shutdown of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, Canadian-poker reports.

Latvian vote could make Russian an EU official language

Brussels (dpa) – The European Union could start speaking in Russian, if a referendum in Latvia on Saturday succeeds in making it the second official language of the country, the European Commission acknowledged on the eve of the vote….

Asia Stocks Equal Record Win Streak as China Pledges Help on Europe Crisis

Asian stocks rose this week, with the MSCI Asia Pacific Index equaling its longest streak of advances, as China pledged to do more to help Europe cope with the

Iranian naval ships cross Suez Canal into Mediterranean Sea

Iranian Navy’s 18th fleet of warships, comprised of a destroyer and a supply ship, has sailed through Egypt’s Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea, the Navy commander announced on Saturday.

China Reaps Rewards of Central Asian Investment

Beijing wants to tap region’s energy resources, and is prepared to fund and build pipelines to get them. Turkmen gas supplies to China reached over 20 billion cubic metres last month, more than two-thirds …

Death toll rises to 358 in Honduras prison fire

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — A Honduran doctor says another man has died from injuries suffered the worst prison fire in a century, bringing the death toll to 358. Plastic surgery chief Dr. Juan Carlos Funez says 24-…

ZIMBABWE: Mugabe still listed after EU sanctions review

The EU on Friday lifted sanctions on 51 individuals and 20 entities in Zimbabwe “to encourage further progress” in a power-sharing agreement, though extending sanctions on President Robert Mugabe and other senior officials.

Analysis: EU farmers lose out as consumers oppose GMOs

PARIS (Reuters) – European farmers are likely to fall behind in the competitive world grain market as EU consumer hostility to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) drives away research

Italy to tax Vatican for commercial properties

The Vatican, which previously enjoyed an exemption, must now pay taxes on its commercial properties, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti announced on Thursday, BBC News reported . read

Report: France, Britain to build unmanned fighter jet

Paris (dpa) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron are to unveil plans to develop an unmanned European fighter jet at a summit in Paris on Friday, Les …

Quebec students must take religion and ethics class, Supreme Court of Canada rules

The Court rendered its decision in the controversial case on Friday, with some observers arguing that it is a matter of religious freedom versus an attempt to increase tolerance by the province. read more

EU lifts more Zimbabwe sanctions

The European Union lifts some more of its sanctions against top officials and institutions in Zimbabwe, but retains those on President Mugabe.

Italy's PM takes on Catholic Church over taxes

Monti seeks to end exemptions on all properties used for commercial activities in latest response to country’s debt crisis

Germany's president quits, Merkel seeks agreement with opposition on successor

BERLIN – Germany’s president resigned Friday in a scandal over favours he allegedly received before becoming head of state, creating a major domestic distraction for Chancellor Angela Merkel as she grapples with Europe’s debt crisis.

France, Britain to build air combat drones

David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy will announce the project during a summit meeting on February 17.

Søvndal: Syria has a friend in Denmark

Villy Søvndal, the foreign minister, has confirmed that Denmark will participate in a February 24 meeting in Tunisia as part of the coalition group “Friends of Syria”, telling Ritzau news service that he personally planned to attend the meeting.

New Take on "Why this Kolaveri Di" by Ankit Love & Amit Bhojwani Is Tweeted by Film Stars

International recording artist Ankit Love and Lagos/London based rapper Amit Bhojwani’s rap/dance transformation of “Why this Kolaveri Di” guest starring Baltic actress Egija Zviedre is tweeted and shared by film stars, journalists, DJs …

Hungary Should Keep Rate Unchanged Until IMF Agreement, Policy Makers Say

Hungary’s central bank should keep borrowing costs unchanged until the government agrees on an International Monetary Fund bailout, which may allow rate cuts, policy makers Ferenc

DealBook: Moody’s Weighs Rating Cuts for Major Banks

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, UBS and more than 100 other financial institutions might have their credit ratings cut by Moody’s Investors Service because of increasingly challenging market conditions.

Moody’s may downgrade UBS and Morgan Stanley

(Reuters) – Moody’s warned on Thursday it may cut the credit ratings of 17 global and 114 European financial institutions in another sign the impact of the euro zone government debt crisis is…

Exposing The Israeli-Mossad False Flag Terror Attacks

The terror attacks in New Delhi & in Tbilisi (Georgia), Baku (Azerbaijan) & Bangkok (Thailand) are another round of false-flag terror ( being waged by the Israeli

Dejected Nasheed warns India it would lose influence to China

(Deccanherald): Dejected by the cold shoulder given by India, ousted president Mohamed Nasheed said today that New Delhi has taken his party “for granted” and may lose “leverage” to China under the new regime. Calling himself a great lover of India, Nasheed said unlike the opposition Progressive…


One out of every five Europeans dies from environmentally-related diseases, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) warned today, noting that poorer citizens are more exposed to such risks than their

Caterpillar’s MWM Sees Rise in Clean Engines Amid Nuclear Woes

MWM GmbH, the German engine maker bought last year by Caterpillar Inc. (CAT), said more customers are looking for alternative-fuel engines as Germany winds down its nuclear power. Higher energy prices and supply shortages…

EU docs not keen on Ipads

iPad hype doesn’t stick with European doctors- source- From read more

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