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William Hague: Israel attack on Iran 'would not be wise'

William Hague issued a blunt warning to Israel that launching a strike against Iran would not be “a wise thing” as worldwide concern over the prospects of a full-blown conflict grew.

Rupert Murdoch should take back News of The World staff for Sun on Sunday, says Neville Thurlbeck

Rupert Murdoch has a “moral duty” to employ former News of the World journalists on his new Sun on Sunday title, according to the former chief reporter at the defunct tabloid.

France is warming to Francois Hollande as 'Mr Normal' after years of Nicolas Sarkozy as president

France’s presidential election may come down to a battle between bling and bland as Francoise Hollande challenges Nicolas Sarkozy.

Youssou N'Dour interview: 'Senegal is turning into a dictatorship'

Senegal has been rocked by riots as the hotly-contested presidential election approaches. Youssou N’Dour, the singer-turned-political challenger, tells Harriet Alexander why the people are putting up a fight.

Japan's silver age spenders mean gold for business

Business and government adapt to massive new population of retired people

Spanish 'ghost' airport's unused runway to be dug up

A “ghost” airport in Spain that has yet to be used is to have its runway dug up because it does not meet regulations.

Arab Spring: the impact on holidaymakers, one year on

What do the upheavals of the Arab Spring mean for the traveller? David Blair offers an overview.

Josefina Vazquez Mota bids to become Mexico's first female president

Mexico’s conservative ruling party is gambling that a country known for machismo is ready for a female president and have chosen a devout Roman Catholic and popular former congresswoman as their

Argentina planning 'economic blockade' of the Falklands, diplomats warn

Britain’s diplomats fear Argentina is preparing an “economic blockade” of the Falklands with a plan to cut off the islands’ only air link with South America, it was reported last night.

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