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Waiting on the Eurozone

While Greece has failed to meet the budget requirements mandated by the EU and the IMF, experts say eurozone leaders will likely continue to bailout the country because the costs of letting it go are far greater.

Views from the Newsroom: Challenges to American Power (Video)

David E. Sanger and Daniel Klaidman discuss their respective books and assess the Obama administration’s national security policies and practices.

Ropespierre’s Rules for Radicals

Democratic revolutionaries always confront the same problem: how to replace the old order without replicating its flaws.

The Debate over Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade

Greenhouse gas trading is now a multibillion-dollar international business and is expected to continue to grow, despite uncertainty about a post-2012 international climate regime.

Views from the Newsroom: Challenges to American Power (Audio)

David E. Sanger and Daniel Klaidman discuss their respective books and assess the Obama administration’s national security policies and practices.

The Global Finance Regime

A broad-sweeping look at international efforts to regulate the global financial system. This is part of the Global Governance Monitor , an interactive feature tracking multilateral approaches to several global challenges.

Remarks by Defense Secretary Panetta and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping gave these remarks on February 14, 2012 in Washington, DC.

The U.S. Aging Population as an Economic Growth Driver for Global Competitiveness (Audio)

Joseph Coughlin and Kelly Michel discuss how a healthy and active aging population can contribute to economic growth, and the public policy reform, new business strategies, and profound shifts in views on aging necessary

Mexico’s Burgeoning Economy Amid Drug Violence

Mexico’s economy and tourism industry are growing despite an escalation in drug violence in recent years, says CFR’s Shannon O’Neil as she discusses its implications for U.S.-Mexico relations, immigration, and

Gardening turns out to be very eco un-friendly

Gardening: surely few things could be more eco-friendly? Not so, it seems. Scientists have produced new research which suggests that, far from doing their bit to save

Tax Increases, Debt Limit Loom Over Budget Debate

Peter Orszag outlines five basic principles for U.S. fiscal policy to follow: continue short-term economic support, enact automatic stabilizers, couple stimulus with delayed deficit reduction, raise

NY newspaper man Richard Blood dies at 83

Richard J. Blood, a former city editor at the New York Daily News who nurtured a generation of young journalists while teaching for more than two decades at

Lafarge announces asset sales to cut debt

Lafarge, the biggest cement maker in the world, reported on Friday a near one-third drop in net profit last year and announced a programme of asset sales exceeding a billion euros ($1.3

World stocks rise on Greek debt, US economy hopes

World stocks rose Friday as optimism grew that Greece’s debt crisis would soon be resolved and upbeat U.S. economic data added to evidence of a recovery in the world’s No. 1 economy.

Hong Kong falls behind on tax reform: analysts

Hong Kong’s competitiveness as a regional centre for business and trade is under threat from the very thing often credited with its success — its tax system, analysts say.

Japan's ANA to boost international service

Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) on Friday said it would aim to boost its international capacity by 22 percent within two years and begin fresh routes as part of a new business strategy.

Chinese automakers buy into Europe

Chinese automakers have returned in force to Europe, buying up brands and plants after early efforts to get a foothold in one of the world’s largest car markets

China's Xi says EU debt problems are 'temporary'

China believes the EU’s economic problems are temporary and it will continue to support the bloc’s efforts to deal with its debts, leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping said Saturday ahead

Avon names new head of China unit

(Reuters) – The head of Avon Products Inc’s Canadian unit will become president of the cosmetics company’s China business next month as the company contends with sliding sales there and a probe into alleged bribery …

Ghana, Africa and the World Powers Part II

In Part I of this series, I pointed out that economic and military strength are the two wings with which the Dragon (China) and the Eagle (US) fly

Brookings: Election Doesn’t Mean Wasted Fiscal Year

Election year doesn’t have to be a wasted year on the fiscal front, say Pete V. Domenici, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Reduction Task Force and Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow for Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, emphasizing the need to slow …

U.S.-South Korea Alliance Critical, Stress Experts in New Book

The United States will “increasingly seek partnerships with other like-minded countries [in the region] to ensure global stability, security, and prosperity.” In a new volume of collected essays, CFR Senior Fellow Scott Snyder writes that one of the strongest partners for the

From Aid to Development Partnership

This Working Paper analyzes U.S.-ROK cooperation in international development, presenting how the two countries should establish a new system of partnerships between aid recipients and donors and enhance donor coordination.

Angola seeks to shake up, grow Portugal BCP bank: report

LISBON (Reuters) – Angola’s state-controlled oil company Sonangol — the largest single shareholder in Portugal’s Millennium bcp — wants the bank to gain global scale in a restructuring that involves a management shakeup, Expresso weekly said on Saturday. The lender — Portugal’s largest by assets — is hampered at home by the country’s debt…

EU trade chief pressures China over procurements

China is protecting a domestic market for public procurements worth $1.1 trillion, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said Thursday as he appealed to Beijing to open up further to global trade.

Doing Business in China: Cultural Differences to Watch for

For Western businesses, doing business in China requires careful navigation of the cultural differences between China and the West.

Pfizer Layoff This Past Weekend?

I’m hearing stories that there was a layoff (yet again) at Pfizer, this time affecting the Cambridge researchers. Word is that they got the word over the weekend , which

The 2013 Budget and Corporate Taxes

As the White House releases the 2013 budget, corporate taxation could be an issue where Congress can find compromise in fiscal policy. Both parties agree the current corporate tax regime is inefficient and often disadvantages U.S. businesses globally.

Santorum’s Speech After the Minnesota Caucus, February 2012

Rick Santorum gave this speech on February 7, 2012, following his wins at the Minnesota caucus and Missouri primary.

Fuel Fix » Arabs call for UN peacekeepers in Syria

Posted on February 12, 2012 at 12:48 pm by – Energy in. Tweet. Share share E-mail. League’s foreign ministers call for immediate ceasefire in Syria and end to diplomatic co-operation with Damascus. Read more from Financial Times …

Fostering Greater Chinese Investment in the United States

David Marchick calls for new U.S. government efforts to increase the small share of Chinese direct investment in the United States, including combating perceived prejudices, removing policy impediments, and encouraging U.S. businesses to partner with their

U.S.-Egypt Ties on Shifting Sands

A year after President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster from power, U.S.-Egypt relations are under threat as Cairo presses charges against U.S. nongovernmental pro-democracy workers. CFR’s Steven A. Cook discusses the implications this has for U.S. aid to Egypt.

Ben Chu: Nation takes its medicine – but condition may worsen

The Greek Godot finally arrived. After an interminable wait, the deal has, at last, been done. The government of Prime Minister Lucas Papademos will make further budgets cuts, …

Africa as a Frontier Market

Obiageli Ezekwesili discusses the rise of Africa as a frontier market, the prospects for growth in coming years, the emergence of new players in African economies, and the

Buying Back Shares: An Admission of Defeat

Announcing layoffs along with a stock buyback – let’s think about what that means. AstraZeneca did that just the other day, and they’re far from the only ones in this industry (or others ) spending billions to buy back their own shares while they’re cutting costs elsewhere. We already…

Every Methods Paper Has a Table

Here’s a helpful translation , and there’s more truth in it than there should be. My rule of thumb is to be extremely suspicious of a methods paper that doesn’t have at least a couple of low-yielding or “NR” entries. If they aren’t …

White House Fact Sheet on Harnessing Innovation for Global Development

The White House released this fact sheet on ‘harnessing innovation for global development’ (part of President Obama’s Global Development Policy) on February 8, 2012.

Tie U.S. Recovery Program to Economic Indicators

Peter Orszag wants the United States to rely more on automatic stabilizers to stem the shocks from recessions.

U.S.-Pakistan Relations: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

Steve Coll, Robert Grenier, and Daniel Markey look at changes in U.S.-Pakistan relations over the past year and make recommendations for moving forward.

NYT: In Syria, We Need to Bargain With the Devil

Nicholas Noe argues that an internationally led reconciliation effort and subsequent peace-keeping presence in Syria would bypass the resulting destruction of a military intervention or civil war, while still keeping the diplomatic upper hand.

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