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Bosnian Serb Police Minister Says He Acted Within Law

Karadzic defence witness says there was no joint plan for the wartime expulsion of Bosniaks and Croats.

Teens jailed for S. Korean bullying suicide

A South Korean court sentenced two teenagers to prison terms Monday after they admitted bullying a school classmate until he committed suicide.

Partido mexicano denuncia por corrupción a hermana de presidente

MEXICO (AP) — La hermana del presidente de México Felipe Calderón estaba el lunes en el centro de atención después de divulgarse una grabación de audio en la que parece incurrir en supuestos actos de corrupción electoral. Medios locales transmitieron la…

44 killed in Mexican prison melee

At least 44 people died during a prison riot in northern Mexico on Sunday that could have been a cover for a breakout, a security official said.

38 killed in Mexican prison riot

At least 38 people died during a prison riot in northern Mexico on Sunday, a security official said.

Arab League no longer toothless?

For much of its history, the Arab League has been viewed as a toothless organization. That perception has begun to change in the aftermath of its responses to crises in Libya and Syria.

Iran wants talks, under spectre of possible war

TEHRAN: Iran is to host a high-level team from the UN nuclear watchdog on Monday as part of efforts to defuse dire international tensions over

Pay-as-you-go solar power lights up rural Africa

Pay-as-you-go products may be synonymous with mobile phones but a solar energy service in Africa is harnessing the popular business model to bring affordable electricity to the continent’s remotest communities.

Nepalese woman accused of witchcraft, burned alive

A 40-year-old mother of two was burned alive in central Nepal after she was accused of being a witch, police said Saturday.

Ecuador high court upholds $40 million libel suit

Ecuador’s highest court has upheld a conviction and a $40 million judgment against a newspaper in a case that pitted the paper’s directors and a former opinion editor against the country’s president.

Fire chief: 382 died as flames tore through Honduran prison

The death toll from a prison fire in central Honduras rose to 382 Thursday, as new details emerged about what happened when flames tore through the overcrowded facility.

Uneasy Egypt, a year after Mubarak

The first anniversary of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s dramatic ouster from office arrived unceremoniously Saturday amid strained relations with citizens and its longtime ally, the United States.

Muslim arrested on way to U.S. Capitol for jihad suicide mission

Yet another inconvenient development for the “Islamophobia” industry, which claims that concern about the jihad in the U.S. is unfounded or based on “hate.” “Exclusive: Feds arrest man allegedly heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide …

NY Times reporter dies

Anthony Shadid, who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his reporting from Iraq, died Thursday while reporting in eastern Syria, apparently of an asthma attack, the New York Times said.

Pakistan's Supreme Court vs. Everybody, but Most of All the Prime Minister

With the indictment of Yousaf Gilani, the major branches of the Pakistani establishment are more than ever at each other’s throats

Germany's president Wulff resigns

Germany’s President Christian Wulff announced his resignation Friday in a televised statement, following a series of scandals that prompted calls for him to stand down.

Opinion: No one should burn in prison

In central Honduras, more than 300 inmates burned or suffocated to death in a prison. One can only imagine the cries of those trapped in their cells, while no one could find a key to let them escape the flames. We can only try to comprehend…

Ex-Olympus executives arrested

Japanese prosecutors arrested three former executives, including former Olympus Corp. Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, for their alleged involvement in a massive $1.7 billion accounting fraud.

Afghan government ‘in talks’ with Taliban

The Afghan government has joined the United States in talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai says in a new report.

Sounds from the Sahara

You might associate music festivals with muddy fields and heaving crowds, but Mali’s “Festival au Desert” is a world away from all that.

How ’99p’ stores made millions

Nadir Lalani, arrived in the United Kingdom in the recession-hit 1970s from Tanzania and started a small corner shop. Since then, he has expanded his successful budget retail business ’99p Stores’, throughout the country.

Analysis: Murdoch empire – and journalism – on the line

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch will meet journalists at his News International subsidiary in London Friday, to take charge of the crisis surrounding the embattled Sun newspaper, with some

China's heir apparent visits White House

President Barack Obama welcomed China’s presumptive next leader at the White House Tuesday but also set a firm tone for future relations between the two world powers.

Obama meets with China's VP

President Barack Obama welcomed China’s presumptive premier at the White House Tuesday but also set the tone for future relations between the two world powers.

Haier Establishes Asian Headquarters in Japan as Part of Its Global Expansion Strategy

Haier Establishes Asian Headquarters in Japan as Part of Its Global Expansion Strategy

Cisco appeals EU's approval of Microsoft/Skype deal

(Reuters) – Cisco Systems Inc has challenged EU clearance of Microsoft Corp’s acquisition of Internet voice and video service Skype at Europe’s second highest court, saying the commission should have put tougher conditions on the deal. “Cisco does not oppose the merger, but believes the European Commission …

Squire Sanders Boosts Presence in Asia

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Squire Sanders announced a significant step forward in implementing its strategy to continue developing its presence in the Asia Pacific region.Mao Tong, Peter Chow …

US Chamber tests business climate in South Africa

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says Americans are closely watching regulators and policy makers in South Africa for signs they can do business in Africa’s biggest economy.Myron Brilliant, senior vice president …

Witnesses: Police stood idle in Egypt

Horrified eyewitnesses described how Egyptian police officers stood by as violent clashes between rival fans at a football match in the northeastern city of Port Said left scores dead.

South Africa’s wine region

You can’t help but be stunned by the visual splendor when walking around the Western Cape region of South Africa, in towns like Stellenbosch. Immediately you see why this part of the African…

State media: Mexico captures suspected methamphetamine producer

Police have captured a man they allege is one of the main producers of methamphetamine for Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, authorities said.

Five News Corp. employees arrested in Britain

London (CNN) — Authorities arrested eight people Saturday — including five employees of Britain’s bestselling Sun newspaper — as part of an inquiry into alleged illegal payments to police and officials.

DTN North Korea: Pakistan PM indicted for contempt – CNN International: PM indicted for …

DTN North Korea: Pakistan PM indicted for contempt – CNN International: PM indicted for …

Men jailed for killing South African lesbian

Gay rights advocates in South Africa hailed a judge’s sentencing of four men to 18 years each in prison for brutally slaying a 19-year-old lesbian.

When cooking can be deadly

Cooking over an open fire causes an estimated 2 million premature deaths each year. Producers of “clean cookstoves” hope to change that.

First Arab woman in top golf event

In many ways, Maha Haddioui is the archetypal young professional women’s golfer, desperate to make a breakthrough on one of the major tours in Europe

Sun newspaper staff among eight arrested in police probe

Authorities arrested eight people Saturday — including five journalists of Britain’s bestselling Sun newspaper — as part of an inquiry into alleged illegal payments to police and officials.

Romania's appointed government passes Parliament vote

The new Romanian government passed a confidence vote in Parliament on Thursday, with 237 votes for and two against. Opposition members of Parliament refused to vote.

Mixing porn and politics in India?

It isn’t everyday that video from inside a routine legislative session causes an uproar big enough to force three politicians to resign all at once but that is just what happened in South India after video surfaced of Indian ministers watching what appeared to…

Spain's fury at French sporting drug slurs

Is it just harmless fun, or is something seriously wrong developing in sporting relations between Spain and France?

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