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The drum beat of an unwanted war

The drum beat of an unwanted war The Israeli foreign minister’s visit to Washington comes amid heightened tensions with Iran Related Stories Iranian president summoned by MPs Obama: ‘We need diplomatic solution’ Q&A:

Escalating crisis

Diplomacy and threats fail to resolve tensions between Egypt and the US over pro-democracy NGOs, reports Doaa El-Bey

Peru quadruple fatal attributed to pedestrian error

Dat T. Ong and Chu Xiong, in dark clothing, were walking on an unlit road with their backs to traffic when they were struck and killed in the November 2011 accident that also

EU Parliament approves disputed Morocco farm trade deal

The European Parliament approved on Thursday a controversial agricultural and fisheries trade agreement with Morocco that has angered French and Spanish farmers.

Libya lawyer recalls arrest that sparked uprising

When Abdullah Senussi ordered the arrest of lawyer Fethi Tarbel on February 15 last year, Libya’s then intelligence chief did not realise he was effectively signing the death warrant of Moamer Kadhafi’s regime.

Two Peru School employees face disciplinary charges

Interim Superintendent A. Paul Scott said the allegations did not involve direct contact with students.

"Responsibility to Protect" in Civil War Zones

I continue to be convinced that, when it comes to anything even vaguely connected to war, military affairs, or coercive diplomacy, the most important fact of history is the ferocious bipartisan determination to prove Donald Rumsfeld right and Colin Powell

Raymond Ibrahim: Clinton Blames Jihad on Poverty

Bill Clinton recently demonstrated the tenacity of those liberal/leftist/materialist paradigms that have all but blinded the West to reality. According to the Associated Press: Former U.S. President [and current spouse of the U….

Clinton: Poverty helping fuel violence in Nigeria

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton warned Monday that the rampant poverty that plagues oil-rich Nigeria — felt most acutely in its Muslim north — is fueling the religious violence now tearing at the nation.

Remarks by Ambassador Rosemary DiCarlo at a UN Security …

Cases outside of the UN mandate have been developed by national prosecutors and are being handled in domestic courts in the region. Serbia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia all have active war crimes prosecutor’s …

Zim border plagued by monkey business

Troops of bag-snatching, truck-looting baboons are causing chaos at a border post between Zimbabwe and Zambia in daily raids for food.

List of World Press Photo winners

A list of winners of the 2010 World Press Photo contest:

Jester’s Court — January 4, 2012

Mitt Romney improved on his Iowa caucus results from 2008 by a grand total of 66 votes, despite a much weaker field. 5.4% of voters in Iowa bothered to show up at the caucuses. Maryland’s Congressional Districts …

McCartney headlines queen's jubilee concert

Beatles legend Paul McCartney will headline a large concert in front of Buckingham Palace to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee, organiser Gary Barlow said Tuesday.

Ambassador Daniel Fried On Recent Developments at Camp Ashraf …

The UN recommended that the Government of Iraq and the Ashraf residents discuss details of the first move to Hurriya. Yesterday, an Iraqi representative met with the leadership of Camp Ashraf

Dick Lugar brags about voting for semi-auto gun ban « Victors Post

Dick Lugar boasts about his vote for the Clinton gun ban . Lugar, the most anti-gun Republican in the Senate, is facing Richard Mourdock ( in a May 2012 primary. LIKE this video and … Did You Know? The USDA Approves of Ammonia…

Top headlines for Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012

* Great deal riding on ambulance ruling : Now, as the tangle of lawyers, a private ambulance company and city officials wait each Thursday to how a five-judge Appellate Division panel will rule, all parties have ridden

US, Philippines discuss increased military cooperation

Senior US and Philippine officials discussed increased military cooperation, US officials said, as Washington seeks to reassure Asian allies anxious about an assertive China. The talks are set against…

NAGR’s 2012 Executive Summary: New Threats

Here is NAGR’s 2012 Executive Summary: *** Hillary’s UN Gun Ban AND the Obama administration’s Election-Year gun control push: Hillary Clinton and the United Nations are putting the finishing touches on their “Small Arms Treaty” this summer, and President Obama is

#Syria #Russia #Lavrov #UNResolution Remember #Clinton: "We came, we saw, and he died, bigsmile on her face" She wants regime change again.

#Syria #Russia #Lavrov #UNResolution Remember #Clinton : “We came, we saw, and he died, bigsmile on her face” She wants regime change again.

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