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Fukushima: Return to the disaster zone

The journey to Fukushima Daiichi begins at the border of the 12-mile exclusion zone that surrounds the ruined nuclear complex, beyond which life has frozen in time. Weeds reclaim the…

North threatens ‘merciless’ attack

South Korea conducted live-fire military exercises near its disputed sea border with North Korea yesterday despite Pyongyang’s threat to respond with a “merciless” attack.

Mexico Cartels Paid Millions for Political Favors

U.S. drug agents say they have evidence that Mexican drug cartel leaders paid $4.5 million for political favors to a Mexican border state governor and other figures in Mexico’s former ruling party. According to …

Argentina Launches Protest at UN over Falklands

Argentina’s government lodged a formal protest at the United Nations Friday over what it says is Britain’s “militarization” of the disputed Falkland Islands – known in Argentina as the Malvinas Islands. Argentinian Foreign Minister …

Prison fight leaves 44 dead

A fight between rival gangs at an overcrowded prison on the outskirts of the northern Mexican manufacturing city of Monterrey left at least 44 dead yesterday, authorities said.

Gallery: Rio Carnival in full swing

Rio de Janeiro’s four days of pre-Lent festivities hit their peak last night as hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the Brazilian city to watch dazzling dancers in the  infamous Samba Parade.

Death toll in Tibet protest rises to 21

A young Tibetan Buddhist monk has set himself on fire to protest against Chinese rule – the 21st to do so in the past year.

Red Cross Negotiating Humanitarian Cease-Fire in Syria

The International Committee of the Red Cross says it is trying to broker a humanitarian cease-fire in Syria, as government tanks and troops mass around…

Storytelling tombs come to Denmark

A stonemason in northern Jutland has sold the first gravestones with scannable QR codes on them, reports Berlingske newspaper.

Speaker retraces Iraq, Afghanistan wars

By: Crystal Ledford A North Georgia College & State University dean discussed the historical events leading up to the United States’ exit from Afghanistan and Iraq during a lecture Thursday night.Christopher Jespersen, who heads the School of Arts and Letters, presented the talk to a…

The Presbyterian Church and Divestment | We Are For Israel

While this background paper refers to the content of U.N. Resolution 242 following the Six Day War calling for the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces, it makes no mention whatsoever of the Arab

Hong Kong: Bishop John Tong, a new cardinal for Hong Kong and China

The bishop of Hong Kong underlines the importance of the Church of Hong Kong in helping the Church in China. “Working together with Card. Zen (Hong Kong)

Italy to tax Vatican for commercial properties

The Vatican, which previously enjoyed an exemption, must now pay taxes on its commercial properties, Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Monti announced on Thursday, BBC News reported . read

The Mess in Angela Merkel's Own Backyard: Who Will Be Her Third President?

The job of the President of Germany is to cut ribbons, welcome heads of states and sign legislation into law. The post is occasionally ridiculed for its insignificance with the German word Frühstücksdirektor (literally, breakfast director). Germans are not used to hearing much about their presidents, who are usually…

Creeping legislation threatens smoking culture

Smoking might be becoming less popular in Denmark but the government is still hesitant to cut too deep into smokers rights, which means it is still permitted in small bars

China paper praises defiance against UN Syria vote

China courageously defied the West when it opposed a U.N. resolution that condemns human rights violations in Syria, a ruling party newspaper said Saturday.

Britain 'pays out £1 mn' to child asylum seekers

Britain has paid compensation of over £1 million ($1.6 million, 1.2 million euros) to 40 child asylum seekers wrongly detained as adults, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Norway lets Indian couple see kids after three months

Norwegian social workers, who caused a diplomatic storm by removing two Indian children from their parents’ care, let the couple see the youngsters for the first time in…

02/16/2012 13:03 MYANMAR Yangon, company grants wage increase to striking workers

» Employees of the, Chinese-owned, Tai Yi shoe company after days of strike succeed in getting a wage increase from 75 to 100 kyat per hour (approximately 11 cents). No change to bonuses for those working 12 hours a day for 26 days a month.

Judge leaves abuse claims against Milwaukee Church in limbo

MILWAUKEE, Feb 9 (Reuters) – A judge on Thursday denied a bid by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Milwaukee to dismiss two fraud claims by sexual abuse victims, ruling it remains to be determined…

My Commitment to the Citizens of Russia: The Programme of Presidential Candidate G A Zyuganov

****** Power… and Ownership… to the People! On 4 March, vote for Zyuganov! ______________________________ My Commitment to the Citizens of Russia, from G A Zyuganov, Presidential Candidate of the KPRF and Allied People’s Patriotic Forces My fellow citizens! I’m addressing you at a difficult hour for …

Rebuttal to Homi Dhalla’s letter

From: Pervin Mistry Cc: Bombay Samachar ; Homi Dhalla Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 10:25 AM Dear Kaizad, Thank you for sending Mr. Adi Doctor’s excellent reply. I am posting the entire article of Dr. Homi Dhalla written in favour of matrilineality.

Profile: Ryan Boyette

Growing up in Boca Grande, Ryan Boyette always thought he would become a police officer like his father, or work for the FBI. Nine years ago Ryan was, in…

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