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Jason Apuzzo: The Most Provocative Filmmaker in the World: A Conversation With Mads Brügger on The Ambassador

He’s punk’d both the North Korean communist government and in his new film, the Central African Republic and its corrupt diplomatic culture. Mads Brügger is one of Europe’s funniest and most controversial filmmakers, although

Malawi: Government Finally Moves On Male Circumcision

[PlusNews] Lilongwe – Clement Zulu never thought he would be circumcised. A Christian from the north of Malawi, Zulu was among millions of Malawians who believed the

Egypt: A Dangerous Habit, Spreading of Democracy

[iMaverick] The current furore over Egypt’s highly public effort to put a group of NGO staff members working at the International Republican Institute in Cairo (including the son of a US cabinet member) on trial because they have been working on democracy issues and…

Worth Reading: The Truth About Palestine’s History

When Newt Gingrich discussed the Palestinian Arabs last week, he echoed sentiments made by Winston Churchill to an Arab leader in Jerusalem 90 years ago. A reminder: Gingrich told the Jewish Channel, “Remember, there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. We have invented

Mason Inman: The Climate Post: Maldives President and Climate Advocate Forced at Gunpoint to Step Down

Meteorologist Jeffrey Masters said it’s not clear if global warming is the culprit behind the U.S. weather, but “… over the last couple of years, it’s really not the atmosphere I know anymore.” Read more: Wind Power , Energy , Greenhouse…

Squares and affiliations

Rasha Sadek examines the different voices heard at Tahrir, Maspero, Mustafa Mahmoud, Roxy and Abbasiya

Viewpoint: Your 9/11 is out 24/7

I enjoy watching the Republican presidential debates. Though, I’m usually indifferent to the candidate’s views. I’m not American — I’m from Pakistan. Still, I generally enjoy mocking the rhetoric and sound bites used by Republicans, something characteristic of election season campaign speeches…

Catalan Painter Antoni Tapies Dies At 88 Years Old

Antoni Tapies passed away last night according to his family members. He was 88 years old and had been in bad health for some time. Tapies was hugely influential to European Abstract art;

Putin: Russia Elections And Politics Should Give Russian People Bigger Say

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is running for a third term as president, on Monday promised Russians a bigger say in politics amid the growing public discontent with his dominance of power.

WATCH: Protecting Oceans And Marine Life Takes Different Shapes In 2012

With threats like overfishing, plastic pollution and changing temperatures looming over the world’s oceans, conservation groups are working hard to pr… Read more: Video , Plastic Pollution , Ocean Protection , Nature , Environment ,

Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb: 14 By 14, A Biblical Emissions Mandate: 14 (Percent Reduction) By (20)14

We should let our workers rest from their labors; and the Earth should be allowed to rest, too. Social, spiritual and ecological sustainability intertwine. Read more: Energy , Covenant , Carbon , Religion , Environmental , Leviticus , Climate , Bible , Sabbatical , Environment , Coejl , Greenhouse , Torah , Jewish , Rabbi , Green Faith , Religion News

Embargo On Cuba Turns 50

HAVANA — When it started, American teenagers were doing “The Twist.” The United States had yet to put a man into orbit around the Earth. And a first-class U.S. postage stamp cost 4 cents…

Syria UN Resolution: Russia, China Veto UN Resolution

US will stop vetoing resolutions condeming Israel for assinations, cluster bombings, fire bombings, territorial expansionism, apartheid walls, refusal to abide by UN Resolution 242 , by not vetoing Palestinian Statehood

Russia, China Veto Of Syria UN Resolution Sparks Outrage

By Joseph Logan and Patrick Worsnip BEIRUT/UNITED NATIONS, Feb 5 (Reuters) – Western and Arab states voiced outrage on Sunday after Russia and China vetoed a

Rafale win leaves UK smarting

The Indian arms market has consistently remained a European battleground. Last year, a group of Indian journalists were taken on a tour of BAE System’s Warton Aerodrome on Britain’s northwest coast, where Eurofighter Typhoons for British and Saudi

Denmark's latest TV hit attracts audiences worldwide

MALMO — On Wednesday, Adam Price met the three main actors in Borgen, the Danish television drama he writes, for their first read-through of the script for the third series. read more

Business › Olympus scandal triggers Japan shareholder activism

After British whistleblower Michael Woodford was sacked as CEO of Olympus and revealed the Japanese firm had covered up losses of $1.7 billion, he mounted a campaign to get his job back. His effort though went nowhere, with Japanese financial institutions preferring

Africa: Companies Lining Up to Explore Oil Prospects

[African Arguments] If 2011 was a record year for elections in Africa, it was also the year frontier exploration for oil and gas came of age.

Panetta Makes Afghanistan Drawdown Announcement Without President-Run AfPak Strategy Meeting?

Earlier today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the “The United States and NATO will seek to end their combat mission in Afghanistan next year and shift to …

Nigeria Fails to Win African Union Chair

[Leadership] The gory activities of the Islamic extremists group, Boko Haram on Sunday stopped President Goodluck Jonathan from clinching chairmanship position of African Union (AU).

SCAF’s balance sheet

Assessing a year in responsibility, ex-military men gave Amirah Ibrahim different versions of the military council’s political performance

Zambia: The Wrong Answers to the Wrong Question

[Fahamu] In responding to a critique of their Human Rights Watch report, the authors make basic mistakes by ignoring key structural conditions, keeping alive racist myths about Chinese cruelty that prevent ‘a focused effort on the actual causes of the grave human rights problems that exist in mining on …

Philippines turns toward U.S. as concerns grow over China's intentions

China’s got a big appetite for energy, and it’s expected to double over the next quarter-century. It already imports more than half of its oil and natural …

What if President Jonathan Contested and Lost AU Post?

[Daily Trust] The Nigerian presidency reacted promptly Monday to reports that President Goodluck Jonathan was defeated by President of Benin Republic Boni Yayi to become chairman of the African Union (AU), taking over from Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.

Water Shortage Threatens Wildlife

[IPS] Ouagadougou – The story of a pair of buffalo aggressively prowling the edges of a village in eastern Burkina Faso is a warning sign of

Free February

Let you in on a little secret. February happens to be the month in which I was born. So to celebrate, I’m giving you dear readers a birthday gift. For the month of February you can get a free copy of the…

Syria U.N. Deliberations Haunted By Ghost Of Libya Mission

WASHINGTON — As diplomats at the United Nations pore over a draft resolution condemning the brutal Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, experts say that lingering discomfort over the execution of the Libya mission is playing …

Rebecca Novick: Global Warming: The Un-tellable Story

The following is a transcript of a talk by British biologist Dr. John Stanley based on an interview with Rebecca Novick. It was presented at the Globa… Read more: Environment , Climate Change , Climate Change Denial , Global Warming Deniers , Global Warming , Science News

NPDC Classic Tees Off

[Vanguard] With such metronic regularity, the yearly NPDC [Nigeria Petroleum Development Company]Golf Classic will again Tee off on Saturday, February 4, at the lush Benin Golf course.

Corridor Talk Showed Jonathan Had Interest in AU Chair

[The Moment] THE African Union (AU) has said there was corridor talk indicating that President Goodluck Jonathan was interested in AU Chair in the recently concluded summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where President Boni Yayi of Republic of Benin emerged as the new chairperson

Somalia: Signs of Hope in a Shattered State

[African Arguments] It’s always been hard to find a framework for analyzing Somalia. It has one of the most ethnically homogenous populations in Africa – Somalis share the same language, culture, religion and clan structure – yet the country seems constantly riven by conflict.

McKeon Says Afghan Decision Is ‘Premature’

In a statement released this evening, Buck McKeon, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, blasts the Obama administration’s decision to drawdown combat forces in Afghanistan early. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced the new plan earlier today.

Courting Disaster in Afghanistan

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced a new timeline for American combat operations in Afghanistan—or did he?

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