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Zambia: 'Red Alert' On Henry's Arrest Extended

[Times of Zambia] A combined team of security officers investigating corruption has extended its ‘Red Alert’ to the rest of the countries apart from Kenya for the capture of former president

The Morning Drive Podcast: Monday

Chicago’s top headlines, piped straight to your earbuds. In today’s episode: What to expect from Gov. Quinn’s budget address;…

Sudan: Opposition Leader Says Security Agents Bugged Office

[Sudan Tribune] Khartoum – Sudan’s Islamist opposition leader Hassan Al-Turabi has accused the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) of installing secret listening devices at his party’s headquarters, criticizing such precedent as dangerous and warning of brewing discontent within the country’s army.

Live! Kingfisher: Can pay wages if accounts are unfrozen’s Toral Varia tells us that the Mumbai crime branch will file a supplementary chargesheet against journalist Jigna Vora for he alleged role in the the murder of Mid Day journalist J Dey murder tomorrow.

WOMEN'S LENS – Un coup d'oeil féminin: Direct negotiations …

Both statements, it seemed, were directed at international listeners, those who still repeat every now and then the mantra that “direct negotiations are the key to resolution of the conflict.” In fact, right

Syria Crisis: UN General Assembly Resolution Approved Backing …

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.N. General Assembly has approved a resolution backing an Arab League plan that calls for Syria’s president to step down and strongly condemns human rights violations by his regime.

Agenda 21 for dummies: Population control or do they really want to …

… control or do they really want to kill of 6 billion people. Here is a link to a very interesting website about Agenda 21 written and conceived by the Club from Rome and here is a video called Agenda 21

Washington-Cairo crossroad

Military linkage still forms the cornerstone for US-Egyptian relations, reports Ezzat Ibrahim from Washington

Mary Anne Hitt: Breaking Up With Coal, Falling in Love with Clean Energy

Nationwide, communities are saying “No more!” when it comes to dirty coal. Americans are falling in love with clean energy and the good jobs it will

Kenya: Citizens Are Tired, They Want Change

[Nation] There is a desperate human need for resolution. Aristotle first noted this when he said there were three acts to every story:

Christensen: Recalling a great newsman

During the 1950s, being a racial moderate in the South could sometimes be uncomfortable. For Bill Snider it meant having a cross burned on his lawn

Main Political Actors Prepare for Polls

[ISS] Algerians are voting in legislative elections on 10 May. Taking place against the backdrop of the ‘Arab Spring’ and political reforms promised by president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, it appears that

A Syrian winter

The Arab League’s latest appeal to the Security Council will likely be no more successful than the last, writes Graham Usher at the UN

Thailand Bomb Plot: Iran Suspects Cavorted With Prostitutes, Thai Police Says

BANGKOK — The three Iranian men detained for allegedly plotting bomb attacks in Bangkok on Israeli diplomats had more than terror on their minds in Thailand. Police said Friday that they

Amanda Knox nets $4m book deal

Amanda Knox, who was acquitted last year of murdering her British roommate while studying in Italy, has sold the rights to her memoir for $4 million (NZ $4.8m), The New York Times reported on Thursday.The newspaper, citing people…

Summit or no summit?

Though Iraq’s beleaguered government still says that Baghdad is set to host an Arab summit meeting next month, lingering political and sectarian conflicts and regional turmoil are making such a meeting appear a distant prospect.

The Media's "Iran Is a Wild and Crazy State" Frame

As evidence mounted this week that Iran was behind attacks on Israelis in India and Georgia, the Israeli government had its messaging ready to go.

U.S.-Taliban Talks 'Exploratory' Says Afghanistan Envoy

By Serena Chaudhry ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (Reuters) – The Afghan Taliban and the United States have made only exploratory contacts for possible reconciliation which do not involve the Kabul government, the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan said on Thursday.

25 January… 100 years ago

Imagine picking up a newspaper with your morning coffee, and then imagine that you are in 1912. Samir Sobhi tells us about what he read in Egyptian press a century ago

EU rules against forcing internet filters

SOCIAL networking websites cannot be forced to install filters preventing users from illegally sharing music and videos protected by copyright, the European Union’s top court says.

China Sends Syria Envoy After UN Veto In Diplomacy Measure

(Adds quote) By Ben Blanchard and Michael Martina BEIJING, Feb 16 (Reuters) – China disapproves of armed intervention or regime change in Syria, a minister said on Thursday before leaving on the first official trip to Syria since Beijing blocked a U.N.

Abby Goldberg: The UN and Cholera in Haiti

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council began a four-day mission in Haiti to evaluate their peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts. Part of their trip will include

Solar Industry Struggles Could Drag On For Some Time

NEW YORK — Solar panel manufacturers will have a hard time boosting revenues this year with Germany cutting government incentives at a time when the … Read more: Energy , Solar Energy , Video , Solar Manufacturing , Solar , Solar Shares , Solar Industry , Solar Panels , Environment , Solar Manufacturers , Solar Power , Green News

6.3 earthquake shakes Peru but no injuries or damage reported

LIMA (Reuters) – A earthquake of 6.3 magnitude rattled the coast of Peru early on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey said, but there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.

Malik Siraj Akbar: Pakistan Vs. Balochistan

What began as a mere demand for maximum internal autonomy until recently, brutal state violence has taken the movement to a point of no-return where the irreconcilable young Balochs seek absolute independence.

Afghanistan reported joining Taliban peace talks

NEW YORK, Feb 16 — The US and Afghan governments have begun secret three-way talks with the Taliban, Afghan President Hamid Karzai told The Wall Street Journal, in a move that could…

Patched up plans

One year on and the injured in the January Revolution are still hurting, Sarah Eissa listens to their woes

Najib pressures Anwar over Israel remarks

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 14 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak declared his backing for Palestine today, piling pressure on his rival Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim whose coalition partner PAS has demanded he retract his support for “all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel.” The prime minister told …

South Africa: Govt Helped With Weapons Import – Report

[SAPA] Johannesburg – Madagascar’s ousted president was helped by South Africa to import crowd control weapons before he lost power, Wikileaks has revealed.

John Tirman: Was There a War in Iraq?

Common to all the commentators is a failure to mention that there was a war, started by the United States, pursued in violation of international law, and resulting in the deaths and displacement of more people than virtually anyone cares to acknowledge.

Gene Karpinski: LCV Releases 2011 National Environmental Scorecard

This week the League of Conservations Voters released the 2011 National Environmental Scorecard. The 2011 Scorecard reflects the most anti-environment… Read more: Public Health , Environment , League of Conservation Voters , Congress , National Environmental Scorecard , Green News

The book of laughter and forgetting

A year after its outbreak, Youssef Rakha lists seven of the more revealing flights of humour that have punctuated the Egyptian revolution and its aftermath

Jargon of an uprising

With a new political life come new expressions. Mai Samih explores the post-revolutionary lexicon

Evelyn Leopold: Does Britannia Rule the Waves in the S. Atlantic? Argentina Thinks So.

Argentina’s foreign minister wants the United Nations to mediate with Britain over the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) and accused London of militarizing the south Atlantic. “Rubbish,” responded Britain’s ambassador.

Madagascar: South Africa Helped With Weapons Import – Report

[SAPA] Johannesburg – Madagascar’s ousted president was helped by South Africa to import crowd control weapons before he lost power, Wikileaks has revealed.

Zimbabwe: Street Vendors' Protest Sparking a Revolution

IPS (Johannesburg)-There are some unlikely comparisons between the work lives of Mohammed Bouazizi, the Tunisian fruit seller who sparked the Arab revolution, and Francis Tachirev, a fruit seller in Zimbabwe.

Daniel Wagner: China-Bashing Is a Tiresome Sport in American Politics

Instead of following predictable (and boring) scripts, why not turn the page on Cold War-esque rhetoric and find ways to join hands with China so as to mutually benefit from each other’s comparative advantages?

Maytha Alhassen: Please Reconsider the Term "Arab Spring"

The irony of the Western invention of the “Arab Spring” is that regardless of citizenry remonstrations for “self-determination,” we still continue to see the Arab region in our eyes

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