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The Global Finance Regime

A broad-sweeping look at international efforts to regulate the global financial system. This is part of the Global Governance Monitor , an interactive feature tracking multilateral approaches to several global challenges.

Honduras: Intentan sacar cuerpos de reos muertos en incendio

TEGUCIGALPA (AP) — La policía desalojó el lunes con gases lacrimógenos a centenares de personas que intentaron sacar de la morgue los cuerpos de los reos que murieron la semana pasada en…

7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?

In 1804, the world population stood at 1 billion. Today, it’s more or less 7 billion. How did the population grow so big in 200 years? With the better medicine and agriculture practices improved, more people began living long

The war on science

The president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, agricultural scientist Nina Fedoroff, has spoken out about a rising anti-scientific mood, largely triggered by corporate-funded populist attacks against science: As Fedoroff pointed out, university and government researchers a …

Lin shines as Knicks rebound to beat Mavs

The New York Knicks rebounded from their first loss of Jeremy Lin’s magical run to defeat the defending NBA champion Dallas Mavericks 104-97 on Sunday. Just two days after committing a season-high nine turnovers in a loss to New Orleans, …

New approach urged for late-talking bilingual babies

AFP – Babies who are raised in homes where two or more languages are spoken may appear to talk later than those learning just one language, leaving parents puzzled and concerned as to the reasons why. Conventional wisdom often suggests …

U.S. security official to persuade Israel against striking Iran – report

Martin Dempsey: Israeli attack on Iran will be “destabilizing,” failing to achieve Israel’s “long-term objectives.”

How to Mend U.S.-China Ties

As Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visits the United States, CFR’s Elizabeth C. Economy says Washington must address the trust deficit with Beijing as the top policy priority.

U.S. Deficits and the National Debt

The Obama administration’s 2013 budget plan has revived debate over the sustainability of U.S. spending. This Backgrounder outlines the competing policy paths on fiscal reforms and the global consequences for failing to bring down U.S. debt.

In Israel, a New Approach to Organ Donation

The country has decided to try a system for organ donation that would give transplant priority to patients who have agreed to donate their own organs.

The Media's "Iran Is a Wild and Crazy State" Frame

As evidence mounted this week that Iran was behind attacks on Israelis in India and Georgia, the Israeli government had its messaging ready to go.

When Reagents Attack!

Well, since I was just talking about a reagent that can potentially take off without warning, I wanted to solicit vivid experiences from the crowd. What’s a…

Indian president’s son faces probe: official

The politician son of the Indian president has been asked to explain the origins of 10 million rupees ($203,000) found in a party worker’s car in his constituency, an official said Friday. The money was discovered by police during patrols in Amravati…

Norway lets Indian couple see kids after three months

Norwegian social workers, who caused a diplomatic storm by removing two Indian children from their parents’ care, let the couple see the youngsters for the first time in…

Military Bases and the American Community

Frank Klotz argues that the closure of a military base is economically and emotionally difficult, but the U.S. military cannot afford to maintain facilities it no longer needs, especially in the midst of a budget crisis.

Campaign 2012: The Candidates on Afghanistan

As the decade-long war in Afghanistan finally winds down, presidential candidates continue to differ on timetables for U.S. troop withdrawal from the country.

A National Paywall That Works

While nobody was looking, a small company in Slovakia may have shed some light one of the biggest challenges to the news business in the digital age: how to get people to pay for news online.

India outsourcing sector eyes emerging markets

Business from emerging markets will help India’s flagship information technology sector counter slowing demand in Western nations, the country’s technology minister said Tuesday. Solutions “will come from IT growth …

‘Resurrected’ KZN artist in court

The man claiming to be resurrected maskandi artist Khulekani Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Mseleku appeared in the Nquthu Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, KwaZulu-Natal police said….

No bail for mosque shooting suspects

Three men accused of shooting dead a man outside a mosque in a hijacking were denied bail by the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. “Bail has been denied on the grounds

TAPI Continues To Face Challenges

I have recently written about TAPI , the 1,680 km (1,000 mile) $7.6 billion Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India proposed pipeline scheduled for completion in 2016 with a capacity to transfer 90 million cubic meters of gas per day to energy starved

U.S. State Department Statement on "Subnational Engagement as a 21st Century Foreign Policy Tool"

Reta Jo Lewis, Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs, gave these remarks on “Subnational Engagement as a 21st Century Foreign Policy Tool” at the 7th Annual Peacekeeping, Reconstruction, & Stabilization Conference in Alexandria,

H5N1: UN Security Council heads to Haiti for firsthand look

Via The Sacramento Bee, a report by Jacqueline Charles and Stewart Stogel: U.N. Security Council heads to Haiti for firsthand look. Excerpt: When a 15-member delegation

UN's 2C goal on global warming 'optimistic', say French scientists …

Agence France’Presse, by Staff Posted By: Photoonist- Fri, 10 Feb 2012 23:55:32 GMT French scientists unveiling new estimates for global warming said yesterday the 2C goal enshrined by the UN was “the most optimistic” …

The Infinitely Active Impurity

The Infinitely Active Impurity

Everyone who’s done drug discovery has encountered this situation: you get what looks like a hit in a screening assay, but when you re-check it with fresh material, it…

Does the Greek Deal Go Far Enough?

Even as Greek leaders agree to new austerity measures, the IMF is calling on Greece’s official creditors to take losses on its bond holdings. Analysts and policymakers increasingly question the wisdom of EU-mandated austerity measures at the expense of growth.

Buying Back Shares: An Admission of Defeat

Announcing layoffs along with a stock buyback – let’s think about what that means. AstraZeneca did that just the other day, and they’re far from the only ones in this industry (or others ) spending billions to buy back their own shares while they’re cutting costs elsewhere. We already…

Roger Boisjoly and the Management Hat

I’d like to take a few minutes to remember someone that everyone in R&D should spare a thought for: Roger Boisjoly, If you don’t know the name, you’ll still likely know something about his story: he was one of the Morton Thiokol engineers who tried, unsuccessfully, to…

IMF faults Pakistan's optimism on economy

KARACHI – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has criticized Pakistan’s economic projections, saying the country’s economic vulnerabilities will further increase in the remainder of the fiscal year ending June.

The Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Drug Discovery Panel: Today

As mentioned before, I’m going to be moderating a panel today on industry-academic collaborations in drug discovery at the SLAS meeting in San Diego. It starts at 10:30 AM Pacific Time, and you can access a live stream of the event here (scroll …

Tau Spreads On Its Own?

I’ve been meaning to mention the very interesting work that’s shown up on tau protein in Alzheimer’s. That’s generally taken a back seat to amyloid in the protein-pathologies-of-Alzheimer’s derby, but no one has been…

VIDEO: Occupy the United Nations 2012

Part 1 – Occupy the United Nations INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE January 27, 2012 San Francisco – The Native American Community, with support from the Occupy Movement is taking action to demand President Obama to make law the United Nations

China and Russia Veto UN Vote | housetops

Russia and China’s veto is in keeping with the original UN charter , but I don’t think their motives are altogether altruistic. This is not actually what is

Britain marks Charles Dickens bicentenary

Britain on Tuesday marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens, acclaimed as one of the finest writers of the English language and one whose novels have become enduring classics.

Bush’s ‘evil’ trio holds sway over US decade later

It was the first State of the Union address after the 9/11 attacks, and America was leading an invasion of Afghanistan in pursuit of Osama bin Laden. Fittingly, this …

Mitt Can Win by Battling America’s Debt Addiction

Sebastian Mallaby proposes that Mitt Romney declare war on America’s addiction to debt.

Opinion | Time to debunk the myth of the helpless African

There’s no shortage of prejudices about Africa: inept and unable to help themselves; immobilised by famine; stuck in a quagmire of corruption, dictatorship and ethnic conflict.

Laundry shop robber gives up

THE third suspect in the recent robbery of a laundry shop in Manila which left its Chinese owner dead and his wife and child’s nanny seriously wounded has voluntarily surrendered. Richard Oja, 22, told reporters upon arriving at

India Has World's Second-Highest Number of Facebook Users at Over 43 million

Nyay Bhushan India is fast becoming an important market for Facebook, with the country now home to about 43.5 million users. read more

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