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Trade liberalization in agriculture resulted in worsening poverty, underdevelopment

“While our farmers and farm workers suffer from poverty, agricultural transnational corporations increased their profits three times.” – Ibon Foundation

Environmentalists warn of destruction with increase in US troop presence, military facilities

“US troops have a history of environmental crimes in the Philippines that have remained unaddressed with impunity.” – Dr.

Sarah Hall Ingram- IRSCare Czar- Clamping Down on Hospitals

If you doubt the involvement of Sarah Hall Ingram in the persecution of the Tea Party, Conservatives, and Christians under her watch as the head of the non-profit division of the IRS, perhaps you should review the action of the IRSCare Czar just a few weeks after her appointment.

Research vessel launched in Sri Lanka for ocean-based research

Oct 19, Hambantota: Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa Friday officially launched the Samudrika Research Vessel (Samudrika RV) of the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) at the Hambantota Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa International Harbor.

Health Ministry of Sri Lanka to enact new regulations on chemical fertilizers

Oct 19, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry is considering enacting legislation to ban or control the use of chemical fertilizer, insecticides and weedicides and other agro chemicals containing harmful elements.

Team Anna asks Pranab to come clean on rice scam allegations before contesting presidential election

Team Anna’s UP tour to make people aware of charges against 14 ministers and demand of SIT probe ended on Wednesday.

Sharad Pawar slapper may now target Kapil Sibal, IB issues alert

IB has issued a general alert that Harvinder Singh, who had slapped Sukhram and Sharad Pawar within a span of 5 days in Nov 2011, might slap Sibal at a public function.

Sri Lanka committed to implement LLRC recommendations despite ‘ill-conceived’ UN resolution hampering domestic efforts

Jun 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka remains committed to implement the recommendations of its domestic reconciliation commission despite the “ill-conceived” UN resolution causing mistrust about international processes among the Sri Lankan people and hampering the domestic efforts, Sri Lanka told the 20th session of the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.

Import duty on certain food items increased in Sri Lanka

Jun 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka government announced today that the import taxes on a number of food items have been increased with effect from June 21.

Sudanese Students get slammed

Student protests meet with violent response in Sudan- source-

China stays hush on major riots

China Riots leave 12 dead -source-

Danes lose two in Pirate Raid

Two Hostages dead in Danish Piracy Raid -source-

Pakistan Floods strand millions

5 million still suffer in aftermath of Pakistan Floods- source-

Apple sues China?

China battles Apple over trademark- source-

Twin Bombings kill 14

Latest Bombing kills 14 in Afghanistan- source- Two terrorist read more

Freedom of Press taken literally by Syrian rebels

British Journalist rescued by Syrian rebels- source- A wounded read more

Assad’s Killings Continue

Death toll rises in Syrian massacres- source-

Iran Fallout in Armenia

Armenians Fear Repercussions Over Western Pressure On Iran- Source-

Belarus under EU gun

Belarus Faces EU Sanctions- source-

Syria’s Central Bank to be Sanctioned

EU targets Syrian Banks- source-

Russian PM ducks death

Putin spared in assassination attempt- source- Vladimir Putin faced read more

Afghani Suicide Bomber strikes NATO

Bomb kills 9 outside Afghan NATO base- source- A read more

China’s lead poisoning gambit

Is China targeting US Battery maker for trade advantage? source-

Bible Burning Afghanis riot over Koran Burning

Koran Burning spurs more violence- source-

Iraq’s surging violence

Iraq returns to 2003 levels of violence after US troop pullout- source-

Greek Bailout deal in danger

Greek PM in mad dash to save crumbling Bailout deal- read more

Will Armenia pay the price for Iran Pressures?

Armenians Fear Repercussions Over Western Pressure On Iran- Source- read more

Crackdown builds in Syria

Syrian regime escalates assault on its citizens- source- From read more

Tibetans rounded up by China

China sends hundreds of Tibetans to re-education centers- source- pakistandaily read more

Gas Prices put pressure on economy

As gas prices rise- consumer prices set to follow- source- read more

EU docs not keen on Ipads

iPad hype doesn’t stick with European doctors- source- From read more

Pakistan extends hand to NATO

Islamabad in talks with NATO to mend relations- source- read more

Iraq executes All Qaeda operatives

Al-Qaeda members death penalty carried out by Iraq- source- read more

Drone power of Pakistan kills 10

U.S. drone targets rebel fighters, kills 10- source- From read more

Lahood son still Egypt’s captive

Son of U.S. Transportation Secretary not allowed to leave Egypt- read more

Newspaper Bombers convicted in Norwegia

Two men convicted in plot to blow up Danish newspaper- read more

Cambodia to break Iran Oil embargo?

Cambodia Seeks to Import and Refine Oil from Iran- source- read more

China threatens Philippines over U.S ties

China Wants to Punish Philippines for Talks of Closer U.S. read more

Rebels kill 9 Soldiers in Syria

Nine Syrian Soldiers killed in ambush by Opposition- source- read more

Arab Spring reviewed

One Year After Egypt’s Arab Spring- from From World read more

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