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Hegemony and After

Yet another bout of worry about long-term U.S.

P6 B hike in CCT 2013 budget linked to upcoming elections – solon

By INA ALLECO R. SILVERIO Bulatlat.com MANILA — It’s a sure sign that national elections are just around the corner: the Benigno Aquino III government is calling for a P6 billion ($ 139.5 million).increase in the budget for the controversial conditional cash transfer program (CCT). Gabriela Women’s Party Rep.

The Debate over Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade

Greenhouse gas trading is now a multibillion-dollar international business and is expected to continue to grow, despite uncertainty about a post-2012 international climate regime.

Sharad Pawar slapper may now target Kapil Sibal, IB issues alert

IB has issued a general alert that Harvinder Singh, who had slapped Sukhram and Sharad Pawar within a span of 5 days in Nov 2011, might slap Sibal at a public function.

Views from the Newsroom: Challenges to American Power (Audio)

David E. Sanger and Daniel Klaidman discuss their respective books and assess the Obama administration’s national security policies and practices.

Sri Lanka committed to implement LLRC recommendations despite ‘ill-conceived’ UN resolution hampering domestic efforts

Jun 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka remains committed to implement the recommendations of its domestic reconciliation commission despite the “ill-conceived” UN resolution causing mistrust about international processes among the Sri Lankan people and hampering the domestic efforts, Sri Lanka told the 20th session of the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.

Google Translate Misfires on Egypt’s Future President

While Egyptians were busy voting for a new president, a glitch in Google Translate’s system accidentally revived the presidency of Hosni Mubarak. When one types “I will respect Egypt’s future president” in English, the Arabic translation is, “I will respect President Hosni Mubarak.” Mubarak, who is reportedly clinging to life on a respirator, will not be Egypt’s future president.

Import duty on certain food items increased in Sri Lanka

Jun 20, Colombo: Sri Lanka government announced today that the import taxes on a number of food items have been increased with effect from June 21.

Report: Israel, US Behind Iranian Spying Virus

A U.S. cyber security expert says it is “pretty likely” the United States and Israel are behind a sophisticated computer virus that appears to have been used to gather intelligence about Iran’s nuclear program.

Better Regulation for Freer Trade

Bollyky outlines the integrated strategy that U.S.

New Greek Government to Seek Bailout Relief

The new Greek government is moving quickly to win Europe’s approval for easing the terms of its financial bailout. Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos, a partner in the fledgling coalition government, said the meeting of the continent’s finance ministers on Thursday in Luxembourg “will be the first big battle” on revising the $168 billion bailout Greece secured earlier this year

The Global Finance Regime

A broad-sweeping look at international efforts to regulate the global financial system. This is part of the Global Governance Monitor , an interactive feature tracking multilateral approaches to several global challenges.

Make Voting Mandatory

Peter Orszag makes the case that increasing electoral participation would improve American democracy.

Hostages at Toulouse Bank Freed, Suspect Detained

A gunman who took four hostages in a bank in Toulouse, France, has been arrested and his captives freed, after a six-hour standoff with police.

North Uganda Disarmament Scheme Draws Blank

Security services draw criticism for failing to properly inform public of firearms collection programme. After a firearms amnesty in northern Uganda failed to recover any weapons at all, experts criticised the ongoing disarmament programme for failing to engage effectively with the local population. The scheme is the latest to be launched in northern Uganda since a 20-year conflict with the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army, LRA ended in 2006

No More Amnesty for Uganda’s LRA

Government’s decision to delete clause granting reprieve to former combatants could be a backward step in combating the rebel force. Last month, the Ugandan government dropped its 12-year-old amnesty for rebel combatants who decide to lay down their arms and renounce violence

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Netanyahu: "What we have seen is such a huge transformation in our region that we know we will have to spend a lot more to defend ourselves"

While Obama and the American media continue to hail the coming of “democracy” to the Middle East and North Africa, as if the “Arab Spring” really represented a flowering of Western-style democracy and pluralism, Benjamin Netanyahu is more realistic. “Netanyahu: Islamic ‘Wave’ Pressuring…

No jihad threat in the U.S.? Really?

The facts beyond this widely publicized nonsense. “Muslim Moroccan on Way to Capitol Building for Suicide Mission Arrested,” from the American Freedom Law Center, February 20: Now, here’s an interesting story that developed over the weekend. A homegrown Muslim Moroccan, who thought he had been armed by Al Qaeda

Reza Aslan blames Spencer and Geller for rise in "anti-Muslim sentiment," says radical Christians far greater threat than jihadis

Selling the Big Lie to unwitting students Islamic supremacist Boy Reza Aslan preaches hate in Love Auditorium at Colgate University, blaming none other than Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller for the rise in “anti-Muslim sentiment” in the U.S. since 9/11. His claims are worth examining, …

No One’s World

Charles Kupchan maps out the twenty-first-century world, providing a detailed strategy for reconciling the West with the “rise of the rest.”

Australia’s richest person pens ‘universe’s worst poem’

AUSTRALIA’S richest person, the mining magnate Gina Rinehart, has been ridiculed for penning an anti-government poem that rhymes “rampant tax” with “political hacks” and pleads for “special economic zones”.

Fifteen miners killed after tramcar derails in China

FIFTEEN miners died and another three were injured after a tramcar derailed in a coal mine in central China, authorities have said, in the latest accident to hit the nation’s mining sector.

Alcohol in movies linked to child boozing

Stars who knock back whisky, wine or beer in a movie are an invisible but potent force in prompting youngsters to experiment with alcohol or binge-drink, a large US study published on Tuesday suggests. Major exposure to scenes of alcohol consumption in movies is a …

Dead men walking look to Champions League boost

Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas and Inter Milan coach Claudio Ranieri, himself a former Stamford Bridge manager, will be looking to the Champions League this week to boost their chances of keeping their jobs. Villas-Boas has been described as a ‘dead man walking’ by Ranieri and …

Bali man denies Bin Laden meeting

Umar Patek, an alleged mastermind of the 2002 Bali bombing, says he never met Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan although they were in the same town.

Suu Kyi party in campaign warning

Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party warns that by-elections may not be fair because of restrictions on campaigning.

Albanian Soldier Dies in Attack in Southern Afghanistan

Albanian soldiers belonging to the NATO mission in Afghanistan came under attack on Monday, leaving at least one of them dead. It is the first fatality among the 260 Albanian troops serving in Afghanistan. The attack in the village of Robat…

Tokyo Prepares As Scientists Predict Big Quake

Experts say there is a high likelihood of a big earthquake hitting the huge metropolis of Tokyo in the next few years. Authorities are trying to ensure the city…

Where the Songs Linger, but the Tune Is Different

NAHA, Japan — On a dark street behind the T-shirt shops and crowds of the touristy Kokusai Dori strip, in a tiny club filled with a smattering of grey-haired customers, Sumiko Yoseyama lifted her microphone to conjure up a bygone era …

Gunmen in Afghan police uniforms kill NATO soldier

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Gunmen in Afghan police uniforms opened fire on NATO troops on Monday in southern Afghanistan, killing an Albanian soldier, officials said. …

Remarks by Defense Secretary Panetta and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping gave these remarks on February 14, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Remarks by Vice President Biden and Chinese Vice President Xi, February 2012

U.S. Vice President Biden and Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping gave these remarks on February 14, 2012 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Australian PM to host dinner for lesbians and gays (AP)

AP – Prime Minister Julia Gillard will host a dinner for two lesbian couples and a pair of gay men at her official residence on Tuesday after an activist group won a charity auction.

Gunmen in Afghan police uniforms kill NATO soldier (AP)

AP – Gunmen in Afghan police uniforms opened fire on NATO troops on Monday in southern Afghanistan, killing an Albanian soldier, officials said.

Teens jailed for S. Korean bullying suicide

A South Korean court sentenced two teenagers to prison terms Monday after they admitted bullying a school classmate until he committed suicide.

Japan posts record trade deficit

Japan — battered by a strong yen, slowing global demand and increased oil and gas imports due to last year’s Fukushima nuclear disaster — posted a record trade deficit of $18.7 billion in January, according to official figures.

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